How To Download And Install Mozilla Firefox On Windows

Mozilla Firefox is among the list of top best web browsers for windows. On this page, we will focus on how to download and install Mozilla Firefox on Windows. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers. You can download and install Firefox on windows from the Microsoft store or using the online installer by Mozilla.

Requirements For Mozilla Firefox System Download

Firefox 104.0.1
Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 11
Recommended Hardware
Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
512MB of RAM / 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version
200MB of hard drive space

Operating Systems
macOS 10.12
macOS 10.13
macOS 10.14
macOS 10.15
macOS 11
macOS 12
Recommended Hardware
Mac computer with an Intel x86 or Apple silicon processor
512 MB of RAM
200 MB hard drive space
Software Requirements
Please note that GNU/Linux distributors may provide packages for your distribution with different requirements.

Firefox will not run at all without the following libraries or packages:
glibc 2.17 or higher
GTK+ 3.14 or higher
libstdc++ 4.8.1 or higher
X.Org 1.0 or higher (1.7 or higher is recommended)
For optimal functionality, we recommend the following libraries or packages:
DBus 1.0 or higher
GNOME 2.16 or higher
libxtst 1.2.3 or higher
NetworkManager 0.7 or higher

How To Download And Install Mozilla Firefox From Mozilla’s Download Server.

Your computer system must have the necessary required operating system and recommended hardware as stated above before you will be able to download and install Mozilla Firefox.

How To Download And Install Mozilla Firefox On Your Computer

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox download page on any other browser.
  • You will see a DOWNLOAD button, click on it.
  • Automatically, the Firefox installer will bring out the best version that willsuit your computer.
  • Click on the OPEN FILE button in the download notification on Microsoft Edge to start the process.
  • Some browsers may require you save the Firefox installers first on your computer and then open the downloaded file.
  • A user account control dialog box may open asking you to allow Firefox Installer to make changes to your computer. Click on YES that will appera with the dialog box to start installing.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Congratulations, you have finished dowloading and installing Mozilla Firefox on your Windows.
  • Whenever you want touse Firefox, just double click on Firefox iconthat has been placed on your desktop.

How To Download And Install Microsoft Store

  1. Click on the Windows icon located on the taskbar.
  2. Type Microsoft Store.
  3. Select the Microsoft Store from the results. This will take you to the Microsoft app store.
  4. Type Firefox in the search bar and press Enter.
  5. Select Mozilla Firefox from the applications available.
  6. Click Get to start the installation process.

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