List Of The Best Digital Banks in Nigeria- See The 15 Digital Banks Here

Every aspect of our everyday life has been changed by technological innovations and the banking sector is not left out. In the olden days, people waste their time in queues in banks and long paperwork that take time to complete. But recently, digital banking has taken over the system. In this article, we will be looking at the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. The digital banking system provides a more efficient and convenient banking system in the financial sector.

As a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, Nigeria has welcomed and adapted to digital banking with open arms. There has been a remarkable surge in the popularity of digital banking which has caused a fast change and transformation from the traditional banking method.

The introduction of digital banks in Nigeria has made it easier for finances to be managed properly and accessible than what used to exist in previous years. Currently, there are many digital banks in Nigeria. In as much as there are many digital banks, it is not all of them that are good enough to be patronised. This article will guide you and show you the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria.

List Of The Best Digital Banks In Nigeria

The following is the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria and we will only look at 15 of them. See the list below:

Alat By Wema

Alat Wema is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. The bank prides itself as one of Nigeria’s first fully digital banks with several attractive innovative features.


Carbon is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Paylater which offers lending services and also serves as a robust digital banking platform. Carbon has an app that provides account holders access to bill payments, instant loans, investments, and savings and also takes care of the different financial needs of Nigerians.


On the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria is also FairMoney. This bank combines its digital banking functions with lending services to solve the financial needs of the teaming and underserved populations. FairMoney gives instant bill payments, loans and also features that help their clients to have savings with the bank. It also promotes economic empowerment and financial inclusion for its account holders.

Fidelity Bank Digital Banking

Fidelity Bank digital banking is among the list of the best digital bank in Nigeria. This bank provides different services which include account management, bill payments, funds transfer etc. It provides a user-friendly interface and security features that ensure a stress-free banking experience for its customers.


Eyowo is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria that offer a wide range of digital wallets for its customers. Digital wallets help customers to pay bills, make purchases and send money conveniently without stress. Eyowo is more concerned about the accessibility and simplicity of their services which makes it one of the preferred banks for Nigerians who are looking for stress-free banking solutions.


Kuda is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. It is one of the banks that has interrupted the traditional banking model with the approach of mobile-first approach and zero fees on any basic banking services provided. Kuda provides instant account opening, free transfers and budgeting tools. Kuda has features that are appealing to millennials and tech-savvy users.


Opay is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. It has gained much popularity in the country and it offers a wide range of financial services through its app. The services provided by the bank include bill payments, airtime purchases and money transfers. Their users can conveniently manage their finances on the go and very fast too.


This bank combines digital banking activities with discounts and rewards through its all-in-one app and this made it to be among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. With Opay, you can do money transfers, pay bills and buy airtime on the app. Palmpay users enjoy cashback rewards, airtime purchases, bill payments etc. Palmpay serves as a one-stop-shop solution for the everyday financial needs of its customers.


PiggyVest is one of the first digital banks that existed in Nigeria. It was first introduced as Piggybank. ng and later changed their name to Piggyvets with a comprehensive financial management platform. some of the attractive features of Piggyvest include group savings, savings plans and investment opportunities that their customers to have a culture of savings and investment.


Remita is among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria. The digital bank is built to offer a wide range of financial services like payroll management, invoicing and payment processing. Remita can be used by government agencies, individuals, and businesses to help facilitate stress-free financial transactions in various sectors of the country.


This is also among the list of best digital banks in Nigeria that provide the financial needs of both individuals and businesses alike. They also have lending products, savings, fixed deposits, personal loans, flexibility and convenience for their customers.

Rubbies Bank

This bank is on the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria that have an interest in providing personalized banking experiences via its intuitive mobile app. The features include automated savings, access to investment opportunities and bill payments. Rubbies can be comfortably used by both individuals and businesses.


Sparkle came along to turn around the traditional banking systems in Nigeria by using a digital-first approach and personalised services. Sparkle has an app that provides features like expense categorization, business accounts, and budgeting tools and also empowers its users to achieve their financial goals.


VBank is one of the products of VFD Microfinance Bank that offers a stress-free banking experience with its user-friendly app. Customers can enjoy benefits like virtual card issuance, high-interest savings accounts and expense tracking. All these make the VBank a popular choice and stand out among the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria.


The Nigerian banking sector has been revolutionised by the emergence of digital banking. It has helped customers to manage their finances. The digital banks are convenient, accessible and with attractive new features. Even if you are a young professional or business owner who is looking for and needs stress-free payment solutions. This article has discussed the list of the best digital banks in Nigeria.

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