List Of Top Best Web Browsers For Windows

A lot of browsers with excellent features that have made it popular exist. This page will discuss the list of the top best web browsers for windows. These browsers are fast, secure and popularly used by web users. The browsers to be discussed has their unique features and are user-friendly.

To browse means skimming, reading, gazing, or scanning through something. A browser on the other hand is software used to bring out information from the world wide web (www). When you enter the website URL on the address bar, your browser will automatically display the website.

The browser can also be used to access information that has been stored on your device. We will look at the features of the different list of top best web browsers for windows. The list will be compared with each other based on various factors. One of the factors that need to be looked at when deciding the browser to be used for your PC is security. Look out for the most secure browser.

What Is Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network is used to extend a private network across a public network. VPN enables users of the internet to send and receive information and data across shared or public networks as if their computer or device were connected directly to the private network.

Benefits Of A Good VPN

A good VPN has two most important benefits. The benefits include privacy and security. VPN provides privacy by covering the details like search history, IP address etc. It provides security and protects your personal information from being accessed by others. Other advantages of using a VPN include avoiding bandwidth-throttling, escaping data-throttling, hiding private information, and accessing region-blocked services.

List Of Top Best Web Browsers For Windows

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Brave
  6. Apple Safari
  7. Chromium
  8. Vivaldi
  9. Epic
  10. DuckDuckgo

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. This is one of the most popular and used web browsers with over 2 Billion users. The number of customisation choices and the growing library of web extensions and apps have contributed to the rise in popularity of chrome. Find details about chrome here.

Chrome is among the list of top best web browsers for windows and was launched in 2009 and was one of the fastest web browsers before competitors started coming up. It is well known for speed, efficiency, less data consumption and ease to use.

Features Of Google Chrome

  • It saves data
  • It has a voice search option
  • It enables you to download files, store and view them while offline.
  • It is very fast when browsing.
  • It can sync across devices.
  • Smart personalized recommendations.
  • It can translate text on your screen.
  • It maintains your privacy.
  • It keeps your phone safe by showing warning signs when you want to navigate through a dangerous site.
  • Chrome services are free.

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Mozilla Firefox

It is a browser that is distributed for free, it is a popular open-source package. Mozilla Firefox is among the list of top best web browsers for windows designed for its simplicity, flexibility, security, power and extensibility. There are a lot of plug-ins and extensions with powerful developer tools that can be used on Firefox. It is light weighted and highly modular. Firefox Quantum is the improved version of Mozilla’s free windows browser designed from scratch.

One of the useful features of firefox includes enhanced tab management, better recommendations and a new task manager page etc. The improved firefox version is faster than the old version. It allows its users open architecture that accepts the installation of extensions and themes. The themes give the browser a customized new look.

Firefox uses a feature called tracking protection to hinder requests from tracking domains which means the page will load considerably fast. It protects users from supercookies which are always hidden in your browser and tracks your information while browsing.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

  1. It has an extra layer of protection.
  2. It expands dark mode.
  3. It customizes the menu or toolbar.
  4. It pops a video out of the browser window so that you can stream and multitask.
  5. It browses fast and free.
  6. It searches everything with a unified search bar.
  7. It has a new tab page having great content at your fingertips.


A list of top best web browsers will not be complete without mentioning Opera. It is evolving, improving and the most popular mobile browser. It has developed from being a browser to become a full-fledged internet suite.

Opera is a fast browser with good support for updates. Page zoom and developer shortcuts are there to allow users to have a unique experience while using the page. It is an ad-free browser that is an avenue for people who switch between social applications and can be considered the best browser.

Features Of Opera

It has built-in ad blockers.
It has speed dial.
It has private browsing.
It images mark-up tool.
It tracks blockers.
It syncs data.
It has a built-in screenshot tool called Snapshot.
It can reopen recently closed pages.
Opera is used to send files between devices instantly.
It has pop blocking.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is best used by people who want to buy things online. It provides several lists of coupons that can be easily applied to your order. It can serve as a tool to compare the prices of products across different websites.

Microsoft Edge is among the list of top best browsers that can allow you to browse the internet and still have access to other features like customizing and styling your home page. It also enables you to stay organized and save money and time while shopping online. You can easily use collections to collect, share, organize and export web content to excel or word.

Features Of Microsoft Edge

  1. It helps you to be organized.
  2. It helps you to customize your favourite extensions.
  3. It gives you the opportunity to compare prices and choose the least price thereby saving money.
  4. It is always available across devices.
  5. It is secured and you can browse safely.
  6. Microsoft Edge allows you to edit, view and share PDF files directly from your browser.
  7. It helps the user to stay private online.
  8. The sync feature helps you to feel always connected.
  9. You can find deals with coupons while using Microsoft Edge.
  10. It has tracking prevention as one of the features.


Brave is among the list of top best web browsers in use. It is used as a tool to block ads and web trackers. It is free of charge. It is mostly used by those that interested in using a fast and secure browser and still earn money at the same time. It allows websites and content writers to earn micropayments in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Bat is a decentralized ad exchange platform and open source based on Etherium.

Features Of Brave

  • It is possible to earn tokens for browsing.
  • It is a secured web browser.
  • It enables users to switch to Tor-enabled browsing by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the browser.
  • It saves money because less data is used while browsing.
  • It syncs all the data from the browser to your account. This enables you to have all the customisation and bookmarks on all your devices.
  • The battery usage is lower by 35%.
  • It is fast.
  • There is an opportunity for Native integration with peer-to-peer networking protocol.
  • There are Brave rewards.

Apple Safari

It is software for browsing built and developed by Apple Inc. It is popularly used by MAC users. It uses RSS reading feature to keep track of all the websites than using bookmarks. Apple Safari is one of the fastest browsers used mostly by those
concerned about security and privacy. It offers power efficiency and privacy protection.

Features Of Apple Safari

  1. The power consumption is less.
  2. It has powerful privacy protection.
  3. It has Safari Extension.
  4. It has HTML 5 support.
  5. You can customize the start page.
  6. It is the fastest browser with Safari Nitro Engine which makes it work faster than others.
  7. The smart address field gives you the desired suggestions based on your search history.
  8. Apple Safari reader enables you to pull out important content from a network site without having to filter through ads and distractions.
  9. It is best in class browsing.


If you are used to chrome as a web browser, it might not be difficult for you to switch to Chromium because they have similar features. Chromium is among the list of top best web browsers for windows. It is an open-source Google-sponsored browser project that provides a safe, fast and suitable way for users to experience the web. Chromium is lightly weighted in nature.

Features Of Chromium

  • It has an auto-update capability.
  • It does not collect any of your information and transfer it to Google.
  • It can sync between devices.
  • It uses an API key for some Google services.
  • The features that were later updated in Chrome can be experienced earlier on Chromium.

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