Fastest Web Browsers For Windows | Advantages And Disadvantages

In order to save time spent on research via the internet, it is important to have the fastest web browsers for windows that meet all your desires. Using the right web browser can make a lot of difference in the way you use the internet. Do people ask a lot of questions about which web browser is the best? Which web browser is the safest and finally which web browser is the fastest to use?

Criteria For Evaluating Fastest Web Browsers

The following are the criteria that have been used to evaluate the web browsers so as to determine the functionalities of each of the web browsers that made them be considered among the best.


For a browser to be seen as among the fastest web browser. It should have the ability for users to navigate quickly from one place to another without wasting time.


The web browser should enable users to customize the toolbar, manage bookmarks and change the browser theme. Providing an opportunity for customization is one of the criteria for a web browser to be classified as fast.


One of the important features that will determine if a browser will be classified as one of the fastest web browsers is speed. If it is not fast, users may easily get annoyed when a page takes more time or is slow in loading.

User Experience

A web browser must have a clean, eye-pleasing and intuitive interface to keep users attracted. User experience is one of the criteria used to determine the fastest web browsers

Privacy And Security

A good browser should focus on user privacy and security. Ensure the web browser you use protects your information and data.


Extensions are add-ons that make browsing convenient and ensure the user is satisfied.

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Fastest Web Browsers For Windows Advantages And Disadvantages


This is the most underrated browser, one of the oldest and fastest web browsers for windows that are still in existence to date. It is supported by Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS and other basic phones. It was initially only used by those that had java-enabled mobile phones. Opera now has the latest updates like crypto wallet, unit converter, snapshot, customizable workspace and integrated messenger which has made the browser much better.

Advantages Of Opera

  • It is a light weighted internet browser that can allow you to surf via voice commands.
  • Opera has an in-built security feature that allows users to check if there is malicious content on a website.
  • It allows you to pin shortcuts to your favourite sites and the most used settings to increase efficiency.
  • It is one of the most secured browsers, that allows you to sync across all your devices.

Disadvantages Of Opera

  1. It is slow in function

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers for windows that is popularly used by internet users, an all-time favourite browser. It is supported by Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux and Android. It is best used to sync your preferences and bookmarks management .across all devices.

Advantages Of Google Chrome

  • It saves time by loading websites very fast.
  • Google Chrome can easily integrate with other applications owned by Google like Drive, Google Ads, Gmail and Adsense.
  • Google chrome’s interface is simple and has a small number of tools on the main page.
  • It uses Chrome extensions to improve browsing speed and security.
  • It gives advanced inbuilt tools like PDF viewer, language translator and more.

Disadvantages Of Google Chrome

  1. It has comparatively fewer options to customize buttons and menus.
  2. Google Chrome uses up a lot of space on system memory.

Microsoft Edge

This is known as the standard and most popular internet browser with customization options and crystal-clear privacy tools. It gives fine-grained control over how you browse and is also very fast. It is supported by Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms.

Advantages Of Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge is the lightest browser for Windows 10
  • It is the best browser used for downloading websites as apps.
  • Microsoft Edge is among the fastest web browsers for Windows 10 when compared with other browsers.
  • It is always reliable and ready to use.
  • It can give you a warning when you use dangerous websites while browsing.
  • Microsoft Edge is one of the safest browsers for Windows.

Disadvantages Of Microsoft Edge

  1. It has fewer browsing extensions available compared with other web browsers.
  2. If your computer runs with the earlier version of Windows, It might not be compatible to use Microsoft Edge.


Chromium is one of the best open source browsers that underpins the Chrome browser. It is similar to the desktop browser Chrome and you can sign in with your Google account, download extensions, sync data etc. Chromium does not support automatic updates. It is supported by Linux, Windows, Android and macOS platforms.

Advantages Of Chromium

  • It can easily access the Chrome extension.
  • Chromium top browser is open source and without proprietary codes.
  • It is free.
  • It can be used freely by any because it is open source.
  • It serves as a default desktop browser for a lot of Linux distributions.

Disadvantages Of Chromium

  1. Windows 10 web browsers possess security sandbox mode which by default can be disabled by Chromium.
  2. It doesn’t support Adobe flash which is similar to Chrome.


This is one of the fastest web browsers for Windows and is supported by Linux, Windows and macOS platforms. It is built on top of the Chromium project. It has the most unique, fast, flexible and secure browser that exists in the market. It has multiple tab management features that can enable you to move around other parts to have a more personalised experience.

Advantages Of Vivaldi

  • It provides maximum privacy and security for its users. It has a lot of setting that helps you manage your data safely.
  • It is one of the fastest web browsers for Windows.
  • It has a fast forward and rewinds feature that makes it easy for speedy navigation.
  • It has an in-built note feature to save your username, ideas and password etc.
  • You can easily customise the browser because it has a feature that allows you to change the size and appearance of the UI elements completely.
  • It enables users to enjoy keyboard shortcuts, bookmarks, mouse gestures and customs shortcuts.

Disadvantages Of Vivaldi

  1. It occupies space in your system memory.


Brave is one of the best and most popularly used private browsers supported by Android, Linux, iOS macOS and Windows platforms, It helps your ISP not to be revealed while surfing through the internet. Some of the standard features of Brave include fast browsing, multiple tabs management, an intuitive interface, and multiplatform support. private or incognito surfing etc.

Advantages Of Brave

  • You can be paid for surfing the internet by using the Brave browser.
  • It has an aggressive anti-ad attitude that makes it stand out as one of the fastest web browsers for Windows.
  • It is cheaper because it consumes less data when compared with other browsers.
  • The privacy of users of Brave is highly respected and this feature makes it the best anonymous browser.
  • It has an inbuilt tracker and ad blocker that removes advertisements thereby increasing the speed of loading a page.

Disadvantages Of Brave

  1. A lot of the features of Brave are only present in the beta stage only.
  2. It has a limited number of browser extensions available when compared with other web browsers.


Tor is one of the best anonymous browsers with good privacy and security settings. It doesn’t reveal the identity of its users. It is supported by Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, and macOS platforms. Tor has various protective tools to hide your browsing session entirely from other users that surf the internet.

Advantages Of Tor

  • It can be used by Android and iPhone users on their phones.
  • Anyone can inspect the code because it uses an open-source internet browser.
  • One of the features that makes it the best web browser is that is conscious of users’ privacy.
  • Tor enables users to browse non-indexed pages on Google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tools.
  • It makes you anonymous by completely hiding your original IP address.
  • It can be used by Android and iPhone users.
  • It surfs deep, dark and even blocked websites without limitations with this desktop browser.

Disadvantages Of Tor

  1. It has a reduced bandwidth speed.
  2. It cannot be used with BitTorrent or any other torrent client.
  3. It operates with an outdated interface.


Maxthon is both a private and lightweight windows 10 internet browser. It offers so many advanced features and tools that make it different from others. Maxthon is a feature-rich secure browser. Some of the features include Ad Hunter, RSS reader, Customizable skins, split screen browsing, and support for Internet Explorer plugins. It is supported by Android, iOS, Windows and macOS platforms.

Advantages Of Maxthon

  • It doesn’t show irrelevant ads.
  • It has lots of customizable features and is one of the fastest web browsers for windows 10.
  • Maxthon keeps your PC optimized while using it.
  • The drag-and-drop content feature exists on this web browser.
  • It is one of the best web browsers to be used in accessing websites that are not responding to Firefox and Chrome.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your Memory and RAM.
  • It boosts up internet connection and loads web pages faster compared to other browsers.

Disadvantages Of Maxthon

  1. The default security settings on Maxthon are not enough to protect users from phishing schemes and malware.
  2. Maxthon web browser does not enable automatic installation of updates

Comodo IceDragon

This is one of the best web browsers for windows used for downloading large files. It is supported on Windows, Mac and Android platforms. Comodo IceDragon is very light on system resources. It also helps users with smooth surfing performance because it loads webpages at a faster rate than other options mentioned.

Advantages Of Comodo IceDragon

  • It offers a portable option during installation which enables users to enjoy it on any platform without installing it again.
  • It is the best private browser for Windows 10.
  • Comodo IceDragon is integrated with social media platforms which enables you to share things.
  • It offers multiple browser extensions.

Disadvantages Of Comodo IceDragon

  1. Comodo IceDragon often experiences frequent crashing problems.

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