Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship Now!

In case you are searching for a way to get housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship? Visa sponsorship is a means of getting housekeeping jobs. It is easy to get employment in the USA and still be sponsored to immigrate or get a travelling visa to the United States for free.

If you need housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, this page will give you all the information you may require to help you get your desired jobs. Different types of housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship which you can easily apply for. You can take advantage of the opportunities to earn money.

Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

So many people have gotten housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship which made it very easy for them to leave their home country and immigrated to the United States without spending through their noses.

If you have proper documentation and qualification, you will get a job in the US very fast. This is because getting an employment offer in the USA means you have a high skill that is sought after. No employer is ready to waste resources in offering housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship to an employee without the required qualifications and experience.

Foreigners often find it difficult to get a work visa in the United States. In case you have been looking for ways to work in the US and it is so difficult for you to achieve, we are here to announce to you that you can still get the visa-free and also secure a job for yourself. To achieve this dream, one of the easiest ways is through getting housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. This type of job is one of the most comfortable jobs you will love to engage yourself in.

Who Are Housekeepers In The USA?

Housekeepers are individuals who are responsible for the supervision of the house cleaning staff. They are responsible for cleaning private houses, corporate houses and commercial establishments, like hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc. They ensure that these offices are well-cleaned in an orderly manner without interfering with the activities of the establishments.

What Do Housekeeping Jobs mean?

Housekeeping jobs are carried out by housekeepers whose responsibility is to clean and report to the house owners or managers in charge of any safety hazards noticed while carrying out their duties. Their cleaning duties include replenishing linens, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning rooms and hall as the case may be.

What Is Visa Sponsorship For Housekeepers?

Visa sponsorship means your employer is willing to pay the bills of your visa application and processes without you spending your own money. An employer can only obtain a work visa in the USA for a candidate who is a foreigner and lives outside the United State with high qualifications. As a foreigner seeking a job abroad, ensure you apply for a job and get the job offer before applying for a visa.

What Is H1 Visa Sponsorship For Housekeeping Jobs in The USA

The H1 visa is a temporary visa category that allows employers to appeal for highly educated foreign professionals to work in specialised occupations. The most minor certificate that is required for such a position is a bachelor’s degree or any of its equivalent.

Also, an H1 visa allows employers to grant a paid visa to a foreign employee. Such a visa will only be granted by the embassy only on the condition that the foreigner will return back to his or her home country at the end of the duty or expiration period of the job.

How Can I Get An H1 Visa Sponsorship In The USA

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in the USA, you can use the steps below to access your H1 visa.

  • The first step to take is to prepare a good CV and write a good and enticing job application letter that your employer in the USA will love to see.
  • Search for a suitable job you can do online through the internet.
  • Apply for the job of your choice online and wait to receive a response from the company you sent your application to. You will be invited for an interview if you are lucky and qualified.
  • If your employer considers you qualified for the job, the employer will review the job description to ensure it qualifies to be regarded as a special occupation.
  • Determine by negotiating with the employer the rate you will be paid for the position you applied for.
  • After this step, the US employer will notify the US workforce.
  • The last step is that your employer will submit labour of condition application to the Director of Labour for certification. Subsequently, your employer will state a petition to the US embassy for a visa.

Note: If your employer has done the petition on your behalf as stated above, He or She will instruct you to apply for a visa at an embassy in your home country.

Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

Are you an intending immigrant who wants to travel to the US to work as a housekeeper? Good news is here for you. American companies can appeal to sponsor foreign workers and also provide them with lawful permanent resident status popularly known as Green Card.

It should be noted that as a housekeeper, having a green card does not guarantee you will become a US citizen. You can become a citizen by getting a free visa and a paying housekeeping job before applying to achieve that.

How To Apply For Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

It is very easy to apply for a job as an intending immigrant. The most interesting part is that you will definitely get a job and a free visa too. You can only achieve this once you have applied for a job, and get the job offer in your name before you apply for a visa. Ensure you follow the steps stated below:

  1. Make sure you are qualified for the job.
  2. Arrange your CV and application letter.
  3. You can any job search platforms online like and Linked to search for the type of US job you want online.
  4. Wait while the employee accesses your documents to check if you are qualified for the job you applied for. If you are qualified for the job, you will be sent a job offer.
  5. The next step is that your employer will make an appeal to the USICS and US labour market institute for certification.
  6. You will then be instructed to apply with your name for a visa with the job offer letter that was sent to you.

Samples Of Interview Questions For Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

To get a visa for job sponsorship, you need to go through an online interview. It is only when you are successful in the interview that you will be employed. The following are samples of interview questions.

  • What cleaning chemicals are you familiar with?
  • Why do you want to work as a housekeeper in the USA?
  • Tell us about a time you benefited from constructive criticism.
  • Will you be able to complete Multiple housekeeping tasks in a day?
  • Explain what you would do if you find out that a client is dissatisfied with your work.

Note that the above interview questions can change over time and in circumstances, they might not be the same questions that will be asked always.

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How To Get A Job With Visa Sponsorship

It is possible to get a visa sponsorship in the USA when you already have a job offer in your name. With the steps below, you will be able to get a job with visa sponsorship without spending any money or spending just a small amount. Follow the steps below to get a visa sponsorship:

  1. Find a job in the H1B Visa sponsorship database.
  2. Apply for the Job.
  3. Get a job offer.
  4. Find an opportunity for an internship.
  5. Search for Boutique consulting companies.
  6. Search for Global Consulting Companies.
  7. Find a Job at US University.

Cleaning Jobs In the USA For Housekeepers

Housekeepers and cleaners are two words that are always used interchangeably. Cleaners are different from maids. Housekeepers have the responsibility of cleaning an establishment, and because of this, they are often referred to as cleaners too. The main duty of housekeepers is to keep the establishment they are assigned to and the house clean.

A maid is someone who works under the close supervision of a manager or a head housekeeper. Getting a cleaning job in the USA means that you are automatically a housekeeper.

Different Types Of Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

There are different types of housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. There are also requirements that you must meet for you to be offered the housekeeping job. The housekeeping jobs include “housekeeper cleaning companies”, “live-in housekeepers”, “cleaners”, “house managers/keepers”, and “live-out housekeepers”.


Cleaners are those that render basic cleaning services and are different from housekeepers. They are mostly used for end-of-tenancy cleans or they can be used to clean commercial areas.

Some cleaners do not work as full-time staff in one property. They can be regularly used for short time visits in private homes. The average salary of a cleaner is between $17.21 to $20 per hour and their yearly pay is between $22,230 to $31,320. This amount is not static, it may change over time and may not also be in line with what some companies or house owners can offer.

Live In Housekeeper

This is the most popular type of housekeeping service you can find in the USA. They can work as part-time or full-time members of staff that work for the property and as part of the package. The live-in housekeepers are provided accommodation.

Housekeeping is a high-standard professional who can clean, tidy and ensure that the home or property you have been assigned to care for is handled well. There is no specific salary paid to housekeepers when they are employed, it varies because house owners and companies determine what the salary should be independent. This means there is room for negotiation between the employer and the employee on what the monthly salary should be.

House Manager / Housekeeper

This is the type of housekeeping job that combines the housekeeping job and house management support to their employers. Their job includes managing contractors, admin, and managing household routines or schedules, Also the housekeeper ensures that the property is taken care of together with all the basic housekeeping duties.

Housekeepers multitask a lot and their average salary ranges from $37,357 to $40,000 per year and $22.87 per hour. It should be noted that the salary is not always the same it can vary. You can also negotiate with your employer to get the desired amount you want as a salary.

Live-Out Housekeeper

Housekeepers that are referred to as live-out housekeepers can work part-time or full-time depending on the agreement. The employees in this group have the responsibility to carry out the cleaning, tidying and wardrobe management duties. As time goes on, more responsibilities may be added to you.

Live-out housekeepers are prefered by properties that do not have the living space for housekeepers to stay. The average salary of live-out housekeepers ranges from $22,162 to $27,540 per year and the amount paid per hour is $18.3 these figures may still vary

Places To Work As A Housekeeper In the USA With Visa Sponsorship

There are many places housekeepers can work. You need to be a good housekeeper and good at the job you do so as to draw the attention of top personalities you can work for. Housekeepers can find jobs through cleaning agencies. They can as well work independently as a freelancer or even start their own housekeeping businesses. Housekeepers can work within different residential and commercial settings which include the following:

  1. Apartment Buildings.
  2. Hospitals.
  3. Hotels.
  4. Office Building.
  5. Private Home.
  6. Rehabilitation Facilities.
  7. Senior Living Facilities.

Requirements And Skills To Get A Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

They are requirements to be met so that you can become a housekeeper. Even when you know you are qualified for the job, you must meet the standard stated below:

  • Be ready and available to work late nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • You must have an eye for details and an understanding of drink-mixing tools and techniques.
  • You must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • You must have basic math and computer skills.
  • You should possess a positive, engaging personality and professional appearance.
  • You must have strong task and time management abilities.
  • You must possess proven working experience as a cleaner.
  • Ability to handle heavy equipment and machinery.
  • You must be highly responsible and reliable.
  • You must be familiar with material safety data sheets.
  • You must have knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies.
  • You must have the ability to work together as part of a team.

Job Description For Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

You should be able to look at the job descriptions of housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship to know the duties and responsibilities you are expected to carry out. You can check the list below for the details of duties or responsibilities of a housekeeper. The duties can be more that the list below.

  • You must know how to clean. stock and supply chosen facilities.
  • You must know how to do minor repairs and make adjustments when needed.
  • You should be able to assist other departments when the need arises to ensure you give the best services to guests.
  • You must do your proper documentation and routine inspection and other maintenance activities.
  • You must take responsibility for all basic cleaning within and outside the residence or office buildings.
  • You should be able to vacuum, empty trash and replace liners in the house.
  • Transfer dirty lines to the correct areas to be cleaned and restock areas with clean lines.
  • You should be able to set up stocks and maintain cleaning equipment and supplies.
  • You should be able to clean restrooms, restock dispensers, clean and sanitize fixtures, spot cleaning portion doors and walls, empty trash etc.

The Benefits Of Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

Working in the USA as a housekeeper has a lot of benefits attached to it. The following are a few of the benefits.

  • It guarantees a thorough, deeper cleaning and far more extreme cleaning.
  • You have your much-needed peace of mind seeing that you have done a great job.
  • A clean environment guarantees a happy environment.
  • It ensures you are comfortable.

How You Can Work In The USA Without Visa Sponsorship

It is possible to live and work in the United States without visa sponsorship. In fact, it should be known that it is not everyone that immigrates to a foreign country does so with visa sponsorship. You can get a visa that will enable you to travel outside your country. There are three(3) types of visa that can allow you to get a work visa without sponsorship. They are EB -1, 0-1 and EB-5.

EB-1 Work Visa

This is the type of visa that helps people with unique skills and abilities to move to, live and work in the United States permanently without any visa sponsorship. It is specially meant for people with extraordinary skills in areas like science, business, arts and athletics etc.

Researchers and Professors who have international recognition for their enormous contributions in their different careers or field. With this type of visa, you don’t need a job offer with visa sponsorship from any US employer.

EB-5 Work Visa

This is another type of visa that allows people from foreign countries to live and work in the USA without any job offer with visa sponsorship. It is meant for foreigners who intend to make meaningful investments in the United States, Once you get this type of visa, you will be automatically issued a green card that is a Permanent Resident Card) for your family and your family members.

O-1 Work Visa

The O-1 work visa is the type of visa have similarities with EB -1 work visa and gives the holders east access to apply for US green card. This type of visa is for people with unique abilities and achievements especially those in the television industry or motion picture. It lasts for only three(3) years and the holder can subsequently apply for an extension after the expiration of the three (3) years.

What Is The Salary Scale Of Housekeepers In The USA?

Housekeepers and maids earn s an average salary of $26,220. The best-paid salary you can earn is 25 per cent made $31,320 that year, while the lowest-paid salary is 25 per cent made $22,230.

Does US Companies Sponsor Visas?

The United States Citizenship and immigration service request that companies in America should sponsor non-citizens to immigrate to the Us. Companies that find it difficult to fill roles in their business often tend to sponsor a nonimmigrant worker by using HB1 Visa.

When Is The Right Time To Ask For Visa Sponsorship?

There is no clear condition on when you should ask for visa sponsorship. The applicant has the right to apply for visa sponsorship but it depends on the existing relationship between you and your potential employer.
Even when you get a job offer, but you are unable to get sponsorship, it means you will not accept the job. So it is advisable that at the beginning of the job negotiation and hiring process. The United STATES authorities have made it clear that before you apply for a visa, you must have a job offer in your name.

List Of Country That Can Offer A Work Visa Without A Job Offer

There are few immigration hotspot countries that offer Permanent Resident Cards (PR) without seeing evidence of job offers. The list of countries is as follows:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • NewZealand

You are only requested to apply in theFederal Express Entry system of Immigration and submit an expression of interest (EOI).

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