Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies In The UK- Facts To Know

Travelling to the United Kingdom may be cheaper using visa sponsorship. But to get visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the Uk that will enable you to relocate is difficult. If you are looking for companies in the UK that will offer visa sponsorship, this article is here to help you get through it. We will discuss the meaning of visa sponsorship, agencies that will help you process your visa, and look at some companies that can provide visa sponsorship for you.

What Is The Meaning Of Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship is a combined word and the real meaning will be derived by looking at the two words visa and sponsorship separately.
Visa is a legal document that gives the holder access to a foreign country. It is pasted or stamped on the international passport of the bearer. It gives the holder the legal right to enter a country.

Sponsorship on the other hand is being able to provide financial or otherwise support for someone. About a visa, it means someone taking responsibility for paying bills for your visa processing.

Visa Sponsorship can be described as a type of support that provides the necessary funds needed to apply for and secure a visa. When you get a job with visa sponsorship, it means that the cost of applying for and obtaining a visa that will enable you to travel to a foreign country to work will be borne by your employer.

The employing organization or company usually offers visa sponsorship to its intended employees. It is the responsibility of the company to sponsor the employee with their family to relocate to the UK for example with accommodation and jobs already provided. It is those that are highly skilled that can be given the opportunity of visa sponsorship.

If you want a visa sponsorship, acquire a skill that is highly sought after in a foreign county. The visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK can go the extra mile to ensure your expenses are catered for to enable you to travel to the UK.

What Makes You Eligible For Visa Sponsorship?

You must meet the stated requirements listed to be fulfilled by a potential employer. It is the employer through the visa sponsorship recruitment agencies that maybe you applied for that will sponsor your visa. The employer or company will have their stipulated requirements which a potential employee must meet to qualify for visa sponsorship.

List Of Industries With The Highest Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Technology is the industry with the highest visa sponsorship jobs. Technology is always developing new things, and keeps advancing, and expanding, and because of this, there is always a need to hire people with special technical skills. Technology is made up of so many fields and it is vast with so many areas covered under it.

The workforce of technology is very high. Employees under technology can work from home most times without going to the office as far as there are internet connections to enable them to do their work. Apart from technology, some other fields or industries offer visa sponsorship programs through visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK.
They are as follows:

  • Education.
  • Engineering.
  • Finance.
  • Medicine /Healthcare.

All these industries mentioned above have areas where they need special skills and more workers. The need for more workers is s what makes companies offer visa sponsorship as an easier way to get employees with the required skills they need. In case you have a high skill or degree in any of the industries mentioned above and you want to travel to the UK. You can apply to visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK for jobs.

List Of Visas In The UK

In the United Kingdom, there are different types of visas you can apply for and they have their different functions. In this article, we will focus on work visas. For more information on the other types of visas, CLICK HERE. The types of visas are as follows:

  1. Business Visa.
  2. Family Visa.
  3. Settlement Visa.
  4. Study Visa.
  5. Transit Visa.
  6. Visitors Visa.
  7. Work Visa.

Work Visa

A work visa gives the holder the legal right to work and live in the United Kingdom with or without their families. It is further divided into three sub-types as follows:
Business startup, talent and Entrepreneur visa.
Long-term work visa.
Short-term work visa.

Business startup, Talent and Entrepreneur Visa

Different types make up for this type of visa. there is no particular visa you will get with such a name as stated above. What is obtainable is a UK Investor visa, UK Startup visa and UK innovation visa etc. This type of visa has the requirements and procedures you need to follow to apply for it. You can see details HERE.

Longterm Work Visa

This is the type of visa that gives the holder the right to live and work in the UK for a longer period. A long-term visa could last for two to five (2-5) years period. The long-term visa allows the holder to apply for permanent citizenship before the expiration of the visa. All the religious minister’s visas, health and care worker visas and skilled worker visas belong to the long-term work visa.

Short Term Work Visa

Short term visa is the type of visa that grants the holder the right to work in the UK for a very short period. It can be issued for a particular purpose and can last between six months to one year. This type of visa includes charity worker temporary visas, religious worker visas, seasonal worker visas etc.

Types Of Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies In The UK

The following is the list of types of visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK.

  • Medacs Healthcare.
  • Nouveau Care
  • Viral International.
  • Williams Allan

Below is a brief explanation of each of them.

Medacs Healthcare

This is one of the leading visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK. Their duty is to source staff internationally or locally for both private and public sectors of the country. Medacs Healthcare activities are not restricted to only the UK because they operate in other countries like Ireland and USA.

Nouveau Care

This is among the visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK that are in charge of delivering health care services to the elderly. The services they offer include companionship, medication support, dementia care, palliative care and personal care. Nouveau Care also recruit nurses and caregivers that can work overseas.

Vira International

This is one of the visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK that was founded in 1970. Vira International has been providing niche services with the main focus on the hospitality sector. The services they offer include Recruitment, Internships, UK Immigration, sponsorship and compliance.

Williams Allan

Williams Allan is into business consultancy. They help businesses recruit the best talents for their businesses both internationally and locally. They gather a pool of talented individuals for their clients through the skilled worker visa. Companies can sponsor their potential employees through this visa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visa Sponsorship

What Is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship means an employer will sponsor the visa of the employee and help them to relocate into the country.

Who Initiates The Sponsorship Process?

The party that initiates the sponsorship process of securing a visa for an employee is the employer. They go through the process of filing for the visa and proving that you are so important for that position.

Who Is Eligible For Visa Sponsorship?

Determining if you are eligible for visa sponsorship or not depends on the skills you possess. If you have high skill and proficiency in performing your duties, it means you are eligible. Your employer has to go the extra mile to prove to the UK government that no one in the UK is capable of rendering such services.

Disadvantage Of Visa Sponsorship

It is good to have a visa sponsorship opportunity. But it has its disadvantages which include that the potential employer will be expected to work harder than what is ordinarily obtainable and this can cause a breakdown in the health of the employee. When companies sponsor and send individuals to the UK to work, the employee’s first target is to raise funds to pay back the money spent on their behalf.

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Visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK are companies used to offer visa sponsorship to potential employees with the desired skills. They receive a lot of applications for visa sponsorship. So you are required to be highly exceptional to be qualified and granted the offer. Some companies may want to their employees themselves while others may want to use the services of visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK.

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