Unskilled Jobs In Germany For Foreigners – See How To Apply Now!

It is on record that Germany as a country has a low rate of employment, but even with that, there are still some opportunities that can be considered by applicants that want to live and work in Germany. We will be looking at unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners and how to apply for these jobs. It will also enable job seekers to find jobs that will suit their attitude and the little skills they have.

It is easy to access unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners or those who intend to migrate to Germany because the basic requirements needed to get such jobs are not many. You are not required to have any form of formal qualification or education to apply for unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners. Although any applicant with at least a high school diploma will be a preferred candidate over others. Some of the requirements may include having a previous work experience in similar jobs, you may be required t have a work visa which shows you have a right to work in Germany, you will also be required to have a license to work with hazardous materials.

List Of Unskilled Jobs In Germany For Foreigners

In this section, we are looking at the available job skills in Germany for foreigners. Knowing the jobs available will enable you to prepare yourself, know the jobs to apply for and then start your application process. Below are some of the few unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners.

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This is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners and one of the largest service providers in Germany, Europe and around the World. This group can offer a variety of jobs with long-term outlooks and daily changing challenges in a specific and future-oriented industry not considering religion, ethnicity, colour, race or nationality. It is easy to become part of Hermes Group and work together with them and their comprehensive logistics network.

All these attributes stated above have made Hermes stand out as one of the best options for foreigners to work with them because foreigners are not allowed to work in their organizations in Germany. With Hermes, you can find the following unskilled jobs for foreigners. You can use this link here to apply for jobs in Hermes.


Dispatching jobs is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners that Hermes as a group is looking for. They need capable hands who will be responsible and able to do the following for them:

  • They will serve as the contact person for clients in the area of responsibility and their day-to-day operations.
  • They should be responsible for controlling and monitoring compliance with legal regulations that exist in Germany. For example driving and rest time, working hours etc.
  • They should be able to implement the entire tour planning and coordination in any area of responsibility they have been assigned with.
  • Dispatchers should be in control of the completed transport orders in terms of quality and billings.
Requirements Needed To Work As A Dispatcher

The following are some of the requirements that must be in place for someone to work as a dispatcher in Hermes.

  • You must have a qualified commercial professional qualification or must have acquired comparable knowledge and skills through appropriate professional experience.
  • You must have a good knowledge of computers, especially MS Office applications.
  • You must have confidence in handling standard Information Technology tools that are needed to do your job.
  • You must have previous relevant work experience in scheduling.
  • It is desired that the applicant should have a good knowledge of English.
  • You must have strong communication skills, a solution and a process-oriented way of working and a sense of responsibility.
  • You must have the ability to make decisions and also to be economical in your thinking and actions while performing your duty.
  • You must be willing to work on a shift basis and on weekends also.

Employee Handling /Warehouse

This is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners you can find when you work with Hermes. The group is out to look for an employee handler in their warehouse. The employee handler will be responsible for the following:

  • You will be responsible for the proper loading and unpacking of the transport units.
  • You should be able to carry out the execution of coarse and fine sorting of the shipments (with a maximum of 31.5kg).
  • You must be able to carry out appropriate control of return.
  • You must know how to execute special transactions.
Requirements Needed To Work As An Employee Handler/ Warehouse

For you to work in this capacity, there are some requirements which must be met. The following are the requirements needed to work as an employee handler/ warehouse.

  • You must be diligent, have a sense of responsibility and be reliable.
  • You must be physically able to withstand carrying or lifting heavy items that weigh up to 31.5kg.
  • You must have the ability to work as a team, be willing to work on shift schedules and weekends, have a flexible commitment to duties and also have a knowledge of German.

List Of Other Job Vacancies That Exist In Hermes

There are so many career opportunities that exist even for freshers that do not have any previous experience. Some of these opportunities will require apprenticeship and training with an attractive salary. See the list below:

  • Apprenticeship specialist for warehouse logistics (5 locations)
  • Apprenticeship as a specialist for the courier, express and postal services (6 locations)
  • Employee Handling/ Warehouse (17 sites)
  • Delivery Person (2 sites)
  • Driver (3 classes)

Solo House

This is one of the places you can find unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners. Solo house is a private members’ club and hotel. It is located in one of the listed buildings in the heart of the capital. The hotel has a 65 rooms capacity in various categories and sizes, 20 flats and four lofts. It also has restaurants, a rooftop pool, a spacious spa area, and a fitness studio. So many vacancies exist in Solo house but some of them will be highlighted below and the application link through which you can have access to other vacancies and apply will also be given here in this article.

Bar Attendant

This is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners you can get in the Solo house. The Solo House search for a bar attendant with an outstanding, creative passion for wine, spirits and cocktails. The applicant must have at least a one-year previous working experience in a high-profile location, busy and with a high-class flair for first-class service.

Public Area Attendant

Working as a public attendant is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners you can get in the Solo house. The Solo house seeks public area attendants that will join them. The job of public attendants revolves around maintaining the highest quality standards in all public areas. They are expected to clean all the assigned areas and replace the regions by company standards. To be able to work as a Solo House team, part of your duty is to ensure that members that come around have a great experience every time.

Room Attendants

Serving as a room attendant is one of the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners that are in high demand in Solo House. They search for compassionate room attendant to join their team so as to give all their customers a wonderful experience throughout their stay in the SoloHouse. The duties of a room attendant include maintaining the high-quality standards of the room, cleaning the assigned guest rooms thoroughly, and replacing anything that has been finished in the room with items that have the company standards.

Some Of The Benefits Of Working In A Solo House

The following are some of the benefits you can derive from working in the Solohouse:

You will become a Soho Friends member.
You will get two paid Volunteer Days’ per calendar year. ( This will be used to support charitable causes).
You will be entitled to get weekly Yoga/ Pilates classes.
You will have monthly movie screenings in the house cinema with current movies.
You will get monthly workout opportunities( which include departmental)
You will get a 50% discount on Solo House cowshed products.

Sunshine Cleaning

This is another unskilled job in Germany for foreigners created by Solo House. They look for Ninjas who are hardworking, pay careful attention to details, are reliable that can serve as cleaners to join the team. The Slo House provide good working relationship for workers and offers reasonable hourly rates. For an applicant to be qualified and eligible to work for this role, you must have a high degree in the English Language, be fluent in both oral and written English and have a valid freelance number. You can use this link to apply for Sunshine Cleaning jobs.

The average salary for those that wish to be engaged and work for unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners is at the rate of $10 hourly.


The unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners have been listed above in this article. Check the list, and know the ones you are qualified for and can apply for. Some important information about unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners has been given above so people can start applying for them now. Getting any of these jobs can enable you to enjoy the rich, rewarding extra dimension to your life while you still work to gain more beautiful experience on the job.

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