Legitimate Online Jobs You Can Do From Home – See The List And Details Here Now!

It is now a popular phenomenon across the world for people to work from home. This article will look at the legitimate online jobs you can do from home and show the list of such jobs. Many people now prefer to do online jobs, some quit their regular jobs to focus on online jobs and others combine both online jobs and their regular jobs to increase their income. Legitimate Online Jobs You Can Do From Home – See The List And Details Here Now!

Why Think Of Working Online?

The economic situation globally is very difficult even for the so-called wealthy people. Most people struggle to make ends meet because of hard situations. When some try and provide food, pay their rent and pay their children’s school fees, their monthly income finishes and suffering continues till the next month’s end when they will get paid or till they make reasonable sales for the business group. This is why most of them start online jobs.

Engaging in online jobs helps to increase income and allows people and families to live better lives. For those that combine their regular jobs with online jobs, it will go a long way to help because when you collect your monthly payments and also get paid after doing your online job, your finances and income will be increased. There are many potential and legitimate online jobs you can do from home. Many people search for different things on the internet thereby creating jobs for those that are interested which has created several opportunities for people to engage in online business.

Some of the reasons why people now prefer to do the legitimate online jobs you can do from home are because you tend to have a lot of savings. This is because the cost of transporting yourself to and fro the office will be saved. Also, there is not much pressure from work as is obtainable in a regular job. You are in control of whatever you are doing both in timing and otherwise. Most time you can get stuck in traffic while going to work but in an online business, you stay in the comfort of your home and provide the services, wake up and sleep at your convenient time without being queried by anyone.

List Of Legitimate Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

There are so many legitimate online businesses you can do from home without stress. But we will just look at a few of them in this article. They are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home. In affiliate marketing, you refer services and products to people and get paid a commission as agreed as your pay for doing that job. It is simple to do because it involves going online to find good products, introducing them to people online and when they buy them, you will get a commission for your services. The owners of such products and services will give you a link which you will share and once people click on it and buy the product, it will be traced directly to you.

For example, if you refer people to buy laptops say at two hundred and fifty thousand (#250,000) Naira only and you expect to get a commission of 15% from that sales. When you go online, you use all the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even blogs and forums available to you to promote the product, If, at the end of the month, you were able to convince up to 1,000 people to buy from you using the link, It means you have made a total of #250,000,000 in a month.

Your commission of 15% on the total sales will then be #37,500,000. If you were able to get a percentage higher percentage as the commission during negotiation says 25%, it means your commission would have been #62, 500,000 for a month which is a huge amount to earn in a month. The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to identify a product you can promote, and build a niche with the product on your social media platforms. Then allow people to patronize you.

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Blogging Job

Blogging is among the legitimate online jobs you can do from home and one of the best on the list that you can make money. Blogging is about doing research about different things and topics and sharing the information got on a website. It is possible to run your blog yourself or blog for others. There are also many companies out there looking for bloggers that can manage their blogs or website for them.

You can create contents that will drive traffic and engagements to your site or search for job opportunities available on job boards such as Indeed and write content about them for people to find.

It is more lucrative to start your blog, grow it and start making money from it. Some Bloggers makeover #20 million on monthly basis. Although this earning depends on so many factors like the type of content you create, the number of viewers of traffic recorded by your site etc. The different topics you can blog about are topics like Politics, scholarships, Careers, How to-dos, Finance, Sports, Business, Applications, Technology, Fashion, News etc.

Starting a Blog is very cheap. Presently, you can use between Nine to Ten thousand (#9,000 – #10,000) Naira only to secure a domain name. Hosting a site takes between Forty thousand to Fifty Thousand (#40,000-#50,000) per year. It means with approximately sixty thousand (#60,000) naira only you can start a professional blog and start a legitimate online job.

Data Entry Job

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home which anyone can do and make money from it. Data entry involves entering data or information into the system and arranging them the way they should be. It is more like helping a company or organisation to organise most of the data or information they use in doing their business.

To be successful in a data entry job, you have to follow the instructions given by the company. When you enter the correct data as expected, you will be paid. Data entry can be informed of researching and finding our list of events, a list of names of companies, a List of dates for events etc.

Data entry jobs need someone conversant with the use of a computer and have very fast typing skills. Most time those that engage in data entry get paid on an hourly basis. It is possible to earn between $1 – over $30 per hour from data entry jobs. The amount you can earn on the job per month depends on who you are working for because different people pay different rates per hour. There are so many platforms where you can find data entry jobs.

Freelancing Job

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home where you can do part-time online jobs for companies or people for a particular project. It is one of the best jobs that students can do because it gives them the needed flexibility to practice their skills, make money online and still focus on their studies without interference. A freelancing job means you are not fully committed to a particular person or group and you also have the opportunity to work for as different companies as you can handle.

If you have skills like graphic designing, writing, translation skills, video editing, programming, social media etc you can easily find freelancing jobs to do online and earn money. People look for freelancers online so you can join the freelancing platforms to register yourself, skills and bid for jobs and make your money at the end of the month. the comfort of your home.

Online Bank Sales Agent Job

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home and is very lucrative. With this type of online job, you can make up to One million (#1,000,000) or above on monthly basis. The job of an online bank sales agent is to recruit people who will open an account and deposit some money into the account. Once they do this, you will earn some money.

In Nigeria, one of the most popular online bank agent jobs is V. This is a banking app owned by one the biggest Microfinance banks in Nigeria called VFD Microfinance bank. The bank and its activities are regulated by the Central Bank Of Nigeria. The VFD Microfinance bank has an app which you can either download on your Android phones or iPhones. When you download and install the app, ensure you are using 4PEYE as your referral code, then fill out the registration form.

The best thing to do after you have registered is to add money to the app. They will give you your account number which you can be using as you desire. Deposit some money into the account to activate your account although it is not compulsory to do so. Click on the icon MORE, then click on START YOUR BANK all on the app. It will then open to a browser where you will fill in the necessary information required and submit it.

The account approval process of the account may take up to a day. But once it is approved, copy the referral code and then use it to refer your friends and other people to the bank. The more you refer people, the more money you are likely to make.

Breakdown of How Much You Can Make Doing The Online Banking Agent Job

  • When you refer up to 25 people with a combined balance of ₦500, 000, you will earn ₦30,000 in a month.
  • When you refer up to 75 people with a combined balance of ₦2 million, you will earn ₦50, 000 in a month.
  • When it is 100 people with a combined balance of ₦5 million, you will earn ₦100, 000 in a month.
  • When you refer 250 people with a combined balance of ₦7.5 million, you will earn ₦150, 000 in a month.
  • If you refer 1000 people with a combined balance of ₦25 million, you will earn ₦500, 000 in a month.
  • When you can refer up to 2000 people with a combined balance of ₦100 million, you will earn ₦1 million in a month

It will be an added advantage if you use the app for your online banking and to make payments.

Online Teaching Job

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home that gives an opportunity to people who are good in a particular subject or even skill to make money through teaching online. People across the globe are interested in learning one thing or the other on the internet. They are platforms where you can teach various things like how to cook different dishes, how to play instruments, and also teach different languages for people to learn. You can also teach things like Web design, Business, Money skills, Sciences and lots more.

You can teach by creating online courses where you can teach and sell to people online. Those that teach online courses make eight thousand ($8,000) Dollars on average monthly which when converted with the present exchange rate will give up to Six million (#6,000,000) Naira.

You can also create your own website which you can use for teaching. On the website, you can give highlights on what you teach, and state why people should learn from your website. This will attract students who are ready to learn from what you offer. Once you get students, you can teach them through live sessions using Zoom or skype. You can also sign up for the Tuteria platform to get connected with students you can teach both online and offline.

Programming Job

This is also referred to as software developing jobs. It is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home with high pay. Across the globe, programmers have highly sought after. This job is all about creating computer software. Examples of software are MS Word, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. They are the group that builds these digital goods mentioned above.

There are lots of opportunities for those that are experts in this field. Some of them can even work in other countries like the USA while living in another country say Nigeria. They are paid very well and most times in Dollars. This enables them to live comfortable life. You hardly see them out, all they do is sit in the comfort of their home and work with their laptop, internet and light in place.

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his group are software developers who started up with little or nothing but their computers. And now see how far they have gone and they are rich too. You can train yourself to become a software developer if you have the interest or little knowledge.

Social Media Job

Social media is another platform where people can do legitimate online jobs at home. There are so many jobs available on social media through which you can make money. You can become a social media marketer that helps companies to be in command of social media. Social media jobs are very lucrative jobs you can think of across the world.

You can also work as a social media manager, and your job is to help manage the image of companies on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Survey Job

This is among the legitimate online jobs you can do from home. The survey job involves answering questions online. You will be required to give honest answers to questions that will be given and in the end, get paid. Most Companies around the globe use the information gathered from surveys to improve their business. The data collected also includes public opinions and perceptions about anything. To get this data that will help them improve their business, they create a survey, get people to take the surveys and then pay them after the work is done.

It is possible to join as many survey websites as possible, take the survey jobs and when you complete it, you will be paid. If you join survey websites, ensure you give honest information about yourself when signing up. The number of surveys that will be assigned to you will depend on your profile which you had already submitted.

Online surveys are always focused on a particular industry, region and other metrics. For you to carry out survey jobs, you must be qualified to do so. It is not compulsory to qualify for all surveys but you can get many surveys you can do and still earn money comfortably online. Once you have done surveys and met the minimum balance, you will be paid.

Translator Job

It is easier for people who can speak so many languages and can as well write to get the job of a translator online and make money. There are several opportunities for a translator to work with big brands around the world from the comfort of your home. Translators are required to translate documents, videos, audio etc. There are websites where you can find translating jobs online. Such websites include Gengo, Unbabel and many others.

Virtual Assistant

This is one of the legitimate online jobs you can do from home. The responsibility of a virtual assistant is to provide administrative support to companies or individuals remotely. This job is equivalent to the job of a physical office assistant, but this one involves doing the job online. Online virtual assistants do the following jobs; receiving calls, writing emails, replying to emails and so many others. The only difference is that virtual assistants carry out their duties in the comfort of their homes.

Virtual assistants can be paid on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on what the agreement is. Their salary also depends on the applicant’s profile and the company or individual they are working for. Some of the websites where you can find Virtual Assistant jobs are Freelancer, LinkedIn, Remote, Upwork etc.

Web Design Job

Most companies and individuals on the Internet are looking for people that will help them build and design their websites and businesses. If have coding skills, and website-building skills, you can set up a website that describes the type of services you provide with your contact information displayed to help you get customers to patronize you. You can use Fiverr and Upwork platforms to find customers online.

Web Search Evaluator Job

Web search evaluator job is also among the legitimate online jobs you can do from home. They help search engines like Bing, Yandex and Google to improve their search result to be in line with what people are searching for on the internet. Google is one of the common search engines that enables you to search for something and get results that are in line with what you are looking for. Google does not do this alone, there are people that are the brain behind such achievements. These groups of people are called Web Search Evaluators or Internet Assessors. They help search engines show relevant results and help in improving overall performance.

Web Search evaluators work online and remotely. All they need is a laptop or desktop that is connected to the internet. To become a web search evaluator, you will apply for the position, write their test, and pass their exams. Once you have passed their exams, you will get the job and you will be paid per hour.

YouTube Video Blogging Job

This is one of the most lucrative and legitimate online jobs you can do from home and make a lot of money especially if your video goes viral. YouTube Video Blogging job can help you become well known. When you talk about YouTube Video Blogging, it is all about uploading recorded or live videos on YouTube. The video can be talking about so many things like, How to cook food, Music, Sports, Comedy skits, Teaching some subjects or anything you can think of.

When you grow your audience and they become large, you can easily make money from it using Google Adsense, or affiliate marketing. Those that are into YouTube video blogging make a lot of money. They can make up to Fifty Million (#50,000,000) on monthly basis. You only need to create your YouTube channels where you can upload your videos. You can use a camera or even your phone to shoot a video, upload and share to make money online from the comfort of your home.

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