Top Unskilled Jobs In Canada – See The List And Apply Now!

There are so many jobs in Canada for those without the experience and skills to live and work in Canada. The Canadian government has established programs and immigration processes to make it easier for the unskilled that may desire to live and work in Canada. This article will discuss the list of top unskilled jobs in Canada.

The following are some of the sectors where the Canadian Government and corporate organisations recruit unskilled foreign workers to fill in the vacancies. They are:

  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation

The Canadian government has made it easier and faster for foreigners to get visas and move to Canada by requiring them to meet a certain minimum requirement for them to qualify for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications.

List Of Unskilled Jobs In Canada

Let us see the list of top unskilled jobs in Canada you can apply for. In case you are looking for work or a job in Canada, you can use this list below to make your choice.

Agriculture Service Contractors

These are the group of people that engage in agricultural services such as livestock and plant growing development, specialized livestock and include farm supervisors. These groups of people provide assistance and advice to farmers, and ranchers on issues that relate to farm management, water management, farm-related aspects of the agricultural industry, water management etc.

The agriculture service contractors, specialised livestock supervisors and farm supervisors’ main goal are to assist agricultural companies to implement new practices that will improve their productivity at low cost, enhance management practices, and provide recommendations on the changes that may happen within the company, their land or business.

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Butchers And Meat-Cutters

This is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada that flourishes very well. It can be done on a retail or wholesale basis. This occupation creates unskilled job opportunities for both Canadian citizens and foreigners. There are no preconceptions here because all the positions in fishmongers-retail, wholesale and butchers are treated as equal and important.

There are always new developments and changes in the meat business. Butchers can change from one occupation to the other. A butcher can work in a shop as a stock clerk and also work in a meat processing company. Some firms recruit Butchers to work as salesmen so as to increase sales and customer interest in their goods, while others may employ Butchers both retail and wholesale as part of their kitchen staff,

General Farm Workers

This is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada that has high pay. So many firms specialize in sending agricultural workers to Canada’s rural economy to work on the farms in the country.
The General farm workers provide the most flexible contracts and are known to change their contracts on daily basis. This change helps to give them a guarantee that if the current company the general farm worker work for goes out of business, they will definitely find a better position to occupy.

General Labourers

General Labourers are among the top unskilled jobs in Canada. They assemble line workers, do packaging jobs and some other jobs which a general labourer can do. It is one of the most popular jobs in Canada but still, people find it difficult to find workers that will fill their vacant positions.

Many of these labourers’ jobs are short-term in nature and need to be filled always and this has made many companies hire foreign workers to help them find the workers they need to fill in the vacant positions in their company. Another field that is always difficult to find workers in is the specialised skilled trade jobs because young adults of this age are no longer interested in skilled trade jobs as they used to be.

Harvesting Labourers

This is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada and may be found in factories, farms and many other settings that need their services. Different types of harvesting jobs are accessible in Canada. These jobs can be filled by foreigners who desire to work in the harvesting industry because they can easily get the job with minimum effort without going through a rigorous process. All that the company requires is the best techniques to raise and harvest their own crops.

Labourers In Fish And Seafood Processing

Labourers in the fish and seafood processing industry are one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada. This industry has a big part of the labour force cos so many people work with them. A lot of fish and seafood processors exist in and around Toronto, like New Holland, Loblaws, C&S, Husky, Westray and many others. The labourers who work in these factories that process a lot of food always make a good living not minding the fact that their take-home pay is very low and a little above the minimum wage.

Those that work in the Fish and Seafood processing industry can make great earnings and get a job even if they do not have any previous training. Also as a labourer, there is a need to work hard and become your own boss by combining both and putting your efforts to work.

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical billing specialist is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada. They are the people that handle patients’ information such as blood work, laboratory tests and prescriptions. They are the office personnel that interact with patients and handle their medical claims and gives patients accurate result of their test findings. Part of their job is to deliver correct information to patients so that the patients will be able to take care of their health conditions effectively.

Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada. It is a new job, which as many that wish to get a job in Canada but do not have the needed skills can venture into. It doesn’t require much school experience or qualifications. It is good for individuals who want to get into this line of work before they graduate.

Medical transcriptionists are also known as transcriptionists. It is an occupation that is among the ten (10) highest-paid and most in-demand unskilled occupations in Canada.

Nursery And Greenhouse Workers

The workers in this category are among the highest-paid and top unskilled jobs in Canada. Workers here are in charge of the production and taking care of all plants, trees and other plants used in the home as well as other locations like farms, fields and offices. There are several job opportunities that exist in the nursery and greenhouses in Canada
which those looking for unskilled jobs in Canada can take advantage of.

Truck Drivers

Working as a truck driver is one of the top unskilled jobs in Canada with very high pay if employed. It is difficult for many people to secure job opportunities in this industry because of the high take-home pay, As a result of this, those firm in the trucking business has been recruiting hundreds of truck drivers in order to beat up the competition in the industry.

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