Highest-Paid Unskilled Jobs In Canada- See The List Here!

Are you looking for a job in Canada but don’t have any skills to enable you to apply for skilled jobs in Canada? You may also not know the particular job to apply for. This article will help you because we will discuss the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada.

It will surprise you that most unskilled workers in Canada are paid heavily and then there are so many vacancies that exist in this category. Some employers in Canada can pay unskilled workers up to $80,000 per year which is a huge sum and it means that each worker will receive $60 per hour.

The highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada do not require a formal education, a stated educational qualification or specialized training from the applicants. Employers are only interested in employing people that can endure the process and be mentally focused on achieving their targeted goal.

List Of Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs In Canada

Here we are going to show you the list of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada that may interest you and that you can equally apply for. See the list below:

Agronomists And Farmhands

This is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Employees are exported to Canada’s rural economy to enable them to work on the country’s farms. Few companies in Canada specialise in exporting employees to work in Canada as Agricultural labourers.

Those that work as general farm workers have the most flexible contracts and they are well known for changing their work contracts almost on daily basis. This pattern of regularly changing their jobs helps them to secure another better job even if their present job goes out of business.

Cleaners And Building Supervisors

Janitors were one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. On average, the annual salary of a Janitor is $25,346. There are so many other job opportunities to make many in Canada that do not require a college degree, training, qualifications and no years of experience.

Construction Trades

The construction trade is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada and is very important to a rapidly developing economy. There is a need to check and find out the comprehensive career list, what is expected to hire them, the salary to expect if employed and where to find construction jobs. The average salary of a construction worker is $44,000 yearly and an annual projected growth rate of 5% in the year 2020. One of the disadvantages of this type of job is that they are always exposed to a higher risk of injury because the job they do is strenuous and the work condition is very hard.

Farming, Fishing And Forestry Occupations

There are a lot of several job titles that fall within the above-named industries. These groups of jobs are part of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada which requires a high level of education and experience for a fresher.

Because of the high pay, people tend to be attracted to the jobs. Statistics in Canada shows that many occupations within these group or fields have a median wage of $21.90 per hour or more than that figure.

Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers- Material Moving Workers; Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Labourers

These groups of careers may not look enticing like some other highest-paid skilled jobs in Canada. They are among the best-listed jobs in Ottawa-Gatineau. This field pays well and is also an excellent source of part-time opportunities and seasonal employment.

Transportation Equipment Cleaners are one of the best-unskilled jobs with an average hourly wage of $28.29 per hour. The next on the line is Helpers- Material Moving Workers at $24.96 per hour and packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Labourers salary at an average of $23.42 per hour.

Machine Operators (except ICT)

While some people do not have the ability or courage to do mathematics, others have an interest in playing around with numbers. To work as a machine operator means you will always keep track of all the financial data of the company where you work.

Machine Operators are one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada you can think about. They work with databases and spreadsheets, and they input and update information such as product costs and employee wages in the system. They can carry out their task either from their homes or offices. Whichever way they choose to go, it is always acceptable to the employers.

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Related Production Occupations

Some of these jobs mentioned above often require working outdoors and in harsh weather conditions. They are seasonal jobs and among the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Their pay is extremely high and well above $50,000 yearly. The average salary of any worker in any of the above positions is $26.44 hourly. Although many workers can make considerably more than that. Canadian statistics show that logging machinery operators were earning an annual salary of $76,531 in 2013. The average number of hours they can work is 56 hours per week with only half of them receiving any paid vacation time off.

Office Clerks (Except Legal, Medical, And Executive Assistants)

Office clerk is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. It doesn’t need a formal education to be successful in this career. The average salary of an office clerk is $28,880 yearly. In as much as the workers in this group are paid well, they also face the risk of being laid off anytime the business conditions get worse. Some white-collar jobs can be time-consuming and more stressful than blue-collar jobs and job security is much better. White-collar job workers can work for so many years without the fear of being laid off. There are always vacancies available for office clerks and also potential employees who are ready to occupy these vacancies as office clerks.

Other Sales And Service Occupations

This group is among the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. it is on top of the list of occupations that can fit in with one of the core tips for young professionals. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, sales might be an excellent fit for you and many times, it comes down to building relationships. And while selling can be stressful at times, there are also many aspects of sales that are fun and social.

For instance, if you’re working as a consultant or freelancer ( or perhaps even looking for a way to start your own business), You can do worse than becoming an expert in your field and offering services on your terms. Sales representatives enjoy high pay and flexible schedules, they have access to new customers and new experiences every day.

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Retail Sales Supervisors

This is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada with an average salary of $71,000 per year. The entry-level for this job is High School Diploma. You can become a retail sales supervisor and earn an average of $70,000 as a salary annually. At the entry-level, it might not look much but it is only the high school diploma that will be required to reach the management level. Entry-level supervisors usually start at around $50,000 yearly. So you can consider taking up this job because it is lucrative.

Transportation Equipment Operators (ex. Truck Drivers, Subway Operators)

Truck Drivers are one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Those that drive an average of 1-5 trucks in a week can earn a salary that is between $60,000 to $80,000 per year. It can be seen as a lot of earnings for just driving a vehicle. One of the highly sought-after professions is the subway operator. They are paid highly for just sitting in the control room for a long time to monitor and watch activities, while still enjoying their music and some added ambience.

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