Teenage Confidence-Building Activities-How To Build Confidence In Teenagers

It is important to note that self-esteem and self-confidence are the two important things needed for our personal growth in life. Teenage confidence-building activities enable the teenager to grow. Many people in the world including adults do not have confidence in themselves. This article will discuss teenage confidence-building activities and how to build confidence in teenagers.

Every teenager wants to improve their self-confidence. We will be looking at some of the activities that will help teenagers in our homes, Churches, Schools etc to build their confidence and self-esteem. Some of the teenage confidence-building activities that will them improve their confidence levels will be discussed practically. It will help them to remove all the negative thoughts and develop healthy self-esteem.

Before we go forward on this topic, it is important to know that you cannot build a teenager’s confidence overnight. It is a gradual process that teenage confidence-building activities will help us to achieve. This process requires constant practice and follow-up on the teenagers.

List Of Teenage Confidence-Building Activities That Can Be Use

As a teenager, you can get rid of self-esteem and negative self-talk with teenage confidence-building activities. Having said this, let us now look at the follwing ways how you can build confidence as a teenager. All teenagers need to build these teenage confidence-building activities into their daily activities in life to get a positive result.

Constant Practice

Constant practice is one of the teenage confidence-building activities required to build the self-esteem of most teenagers. Continuously practising a particular thing helps you to improve your performance as well as your confidence. Unfortunately, any of us wants to become experts in doing a particular thing without practising the activities continuously.

When you continue practising a thing constantly, it will help you to identify the areas that you are afraid of and find out how to overcome them. The most important thing you should do here is to believe that when you put more effort and time into anything, you will improve more than what you expected. Using schoolwork to practice new things continuously will help you a lot.

When you start something new that you are not an expert in, you keep practising until you become an expert in it. For instance, athletes do not start running long distances from the onset. They take it to step by step until they are perfect to run a marathon race. The more you practice, the more confident you become and your performance will improve.

Be Positive When Speaking About Yourself

One of the teenage confidence-building activities is to be positive when speaking about yourself. How you speak to yourself or talk about yourself goes a long way to building or reducing your self-esteem. . If you have the habit of doubting your capabilities in doing something and speaking negative things about yourself, your confidence will be low.

You can also practice making positive affirmations daily about yourself. Making daily affirmations helps your brain to believe those words you say and you will start working towards achieving them. It is always important that you speak positively to all the teenagers you are working with. Even when you are telling others about them, try as much as possible to make positive statements about your teenagers. You can build confidence and make an impact in the lives of teenagers when you tell them positive things. Please make sure the teenagers write at least one positive thing about themselves.

Help The Needy

One of the teenage building confidence activities is by helping the needy around you. If you focus on helping those around you as a teenager, it will enable you to develop and notice some abilities you never knew you had. Helping someone in life not only provides a sense of satisfaction to you but also you will be able to make an impact in the life of people around you. It is a powerful tool you can use to create high self-esteem for yourself and feel worthy as an expert.

You can also be a mentor, guide the people around you and be a role model to help you increase your self-worth. You can teach teenagers to talk to adults around them which can help them change attitudes in their lives. All the friends that are influential around you can contribute to growing confidence in the lives of teenagers.

Think about things you can do to help or support others. You can volunteer to work for charity and solve a particular problem for people. When you keep doing good things for people, it has a way of improving your self-esteem positively.

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Have A Routine Of Taking Care Of Yourself Always

Having a routine of taking care of yourself always is one of the teenage confidence-building activities that can be of great help. Taking care of yourself is a way to help build confidence because when you are healthy physically your mental health and general performance will also improve.

Ensure you sleep well, do some physical activities regularly and eat a balanced diet. Ensure you make out time to relax, remove stress and rest. As a student, you can take some days off from school activities or during holiday periods when you can take good care of yourself and give yourself good treats. This kind of activity will help build your confidence as a teenager.

When you don’t know how to take care of yourself, it will also be difficult to take care of other people around you. If you are tired, weak, and even bothered, it may cause you not to have self-confidence and you may also develop low self-esteem. Engage yourself in simple activities that you like and enjoy, then take time to do them to refresh your esteem.

Enhance Your Body Language

Most people judge others based on their physical appearance and body language. Some of the body languages include carrying your shoulders high, standing tall, sitting up straight, and holding your head high etc, all these will help you build positive impressions about yourself to others.

Apart from all these activities mentioned above, the other teenage confidence-building activities include maintaining a good posture. Having a good posture can give you huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you. Building your body language helps you to have more confidence in yourself and make people treat you with respect which also increases your self-confidence.

Do One Thing You Are Afraid Of Doing Every Day

Make a list of the things you are afraid of doing or the things you find difficult to do. Take them one after the other and try to do one of them each day. Doing this is one of the teenage confidence-building activities. You don’t need to be too scared of handling challenges. This challenge may be meeting your fellow student to discuss issues concerning an assignment you have been given. This schoolmate may even be someone you have not spoken to before. Walking up to the person and introducing the discussion will go a long way to building your self-confidence. It will also help in developing your communication and social skills.

Approaching what you are afraid of or your fears on daily basis will help you to overcome every other type of insecurity and anxiety that you may be facing. Doing this regularly will give you the confidence and courage to face similar and bigger challenges in future.


The above are the teenage confidence-building activities that will help you build your confidence as a teenager. You can practice all the activities mentioned above and choose the ones that are suitable for you and will help you build your esteem.

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