NPC Opens Ad-hoc Staff Recruitment Portal For 2023 Census – See How To Apply

The National Population Commission (NPC) is the body that is in charge of conducting the Census in Nigeria. NPC opens Ad-hoc staff recruitment portal for the 2023 Census exercise. The Commission has flagged off its recruitment portal for the National Population and Housing Census.

The news that NPC opens Ad-hoc staff recruitment portal for the 2023 census came after the National Population Commission’s Chairman Nasir Isa- Kwarra launched the doorway at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja on 31st October 2022.

NPC opens Ad-hoc recruitment portal for the 2023 census and announces they are going to use manpower to ensure accurate and reliable conduct of the population census in 2023. Chairman Isa- Kwara has emphasised that the commission will like to have the best hands for the conduct of the census exercise.

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As NPC opens Ad-hoc staff recruitment portal for 2023 census, the Census manager, Inuwa Jalingo said that the commission is expecting to receive over twenty-five (25)million applications for the available jobs. He said that the application process will be transparent, reliable and competitive.

He further said that passing through the recruitment technique is to minimise bias, to ensure that applications come in from widespread applications from all parts of the country. They will also ensure that it is only those that are qualified and eligible citizens of Nigeria will be given equal opportunity to apply.

“The Commission adopts e-Recruitment portal to recruit ad hoc staff for the 2023 Population and Housing Census. This portal has been tested during Pre-test and Trial Census and has been greatly improved to serve different categories of ad-hoc staff,” he said.

The Census manager Inuwa Jalingo reiterated that the categories of staff to be recruited were, training centre administrators, facilitators, data quality managers, supervisors, special workers, monitoring and evaluation officers, enumerators, and data quality assistants.

The basic requirements for the application are as follows:

  • Valid National Identity Number.
  • Functional Gmail Account.
  • Valid and Functional Phone Number.
  • Valid and functional /operational Commercial Bank Account ( No NYSC/ Student Account will be allowed).
  • Valid Educational Qualifications
  • References
  • Access and knowledge on the use of computers, tablets & smartphones is an added advantage.

The Chairman of the National Population Commission Nasir Isa Kwarra said the commission will try as much as possible to reduce the huge logistics of moving personnel from one place to the other across the country. This target he hopes to achieve by employing the bulk of the personnel for the 2023 census exercise from the communities where they are residents. Consequently, every community will be allowed to contribute to the workforce by ensuring that the people are adequately counted.

He further said that the recruitment process will greatly show the quality of data to be collected and ultimately the success of the 2023 census exercise.

He said, “To us in the Commission, the quality of staff that will perform the census activities is very important. Therefore, having good knowledge of the content of the census document, the technique and the organization of the census process is key to the success of the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

“While a good recruitment exercise will not by itself necessarily guarantee a successful census, a badly conducted recruitment process will inevitably lead to problems and increase the risk of an unsuccessful census.

NPC Opens Ad-hoc Staff Recruitment Portal For Census 2023- See How To Apply

The Chairman of the Commission has announced that NPC opens the Ad-hoc staff recruitment portal for 2023 census on 31st October 2022. He said that the application starts on the same 31st of October 2022 and will be open till the 28th of December 2022 when it will close. He said the public should note that there will be a temporary system closure of the e-recruitment portal to enable them to carry out an internal review of the recruitment process from 17th Nover to 13th November 2022.

How To Apply For NPC Ad-hoc Staff Recruitment

  1. Go to the recruitment portal by clicking here on any web browser
  2. Follow the instructions and complete the registration forms.
  3. Fill in your details

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