List Of Unskilled Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship- Apply Now!

Do you know that there are so many jobs you do in the United States of America without professional training and no special skills will be required? We have a list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. The unskilled jobs give you opportunities to work in the United States if you are willing, determined and hard-working. This article contains lists of these unskilled jobs in the USA and other relevant information for interested applicants across the world like Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Botswana, Cameroon, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Nigeria, India etc.

List Of Unskilled Job In The USA

In this section of this article, we are going to look at the list of unskilled jobs in the USA and all other necessary information that will enable those interested and applicants to make decisions on which of the jobs to apply for. Below is the list of unskilled jobs in the USA. You can use platform to search for job in the USA.

Administrative Assistant

This is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in the USA. When you work as an administrative assistant with an average earning of $15.68 per hour. Administrative assistants are assigned with workplace operations such as mail delivery, documentation and file management using office equipment like telephones, photocopiers, fax machines etc.

Some of these duties are learnt and enhanced as he/she carries out the daily routine. As an administrative assistant, you are expected to work full-time, and if there is a need for an overtime schedule you will still be paid. There is a decline in the demand for administrative assistants because of the rise in technological know-how, but its need still exists.


Bartenders are part of the unskilled jobs in the US hospitality industry. Their jobs can be carried out from home as required by their customer base. The various skills that Bartenders are required to possess include skills for good delivery and customer satisfaction, stock supplies, cleaning and food handling skills are also needed. A Bartender that has a certification in food handling is an added advantage over others.


Bouncers and Doormen are on the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. Doormen undergo strict scrutinizing before being given a job, although it does not require professional training to be a doorman. Looking at the bouncer’s job, one can assume it does not need skills to do it (unskill). Bouncers should have calm and calculative ability to handle persons or issues, in other words, great ability in conflict resolution.

They are expected to have the ability to handle situations before it is blown out of proportion, even when a fight scene occurs. bouncers should be able to handle the situation in accordance with the law of the state. In doing this the right of others should not be infringed. Finally, they must have interpersonal skill is a must for bouncers.

Building Inspectors

Building inspectors is one of the unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. In construction jobs, building inspectors are regarded as unskilled and their demand is very high in the Us. Their duties are to ensure safety compliance with standard safety procedures of building processes. Because of the importance of their services, building inspectors are in high demand but require a high school degree or more certification in a construction project.

Car Wash Attendant

The unskilled jobs among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship are Car wash attendants. The responsibilities of a car wash attendant include cleaning and detailing cars. In other to do the car wash attendant job well, you must be someone who is physically strong and very observant. It involves the use of tools and equipment to lift or move heavy trucks and objects.

Care Associate

You cannot give a list of unskilled jobs in the USA without Care Associates. These categories serve as support staff of medical workers, they help residents with long-term care needs and serve as caregivers to patients in the hospitals. They provide medical needs to patients such as monitoring vital signs, keeping their environment clean, taking charge of patients on their admission bed, collecting needed samples, exercising them etc. Care associates observe and keep records of the physical, emotional and mental health of their patients. They are expected to possess first-aid administration skills which is one of the criteria for this job. The salary of a care associate can be $15.68 per hour.

Catering Staff

This is one of the unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. There is high demand for catering staff in the catering industry in the USA. Applicants seeking catering jobs should be sure of getting it if they follow the right mode of application (entry-level positions). These positions allow you to start without any prior skills or training. But there is an opportunity to learn on the job while in this line of business.

Claim Adjuster

This is one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in the United States, having an average earning of $15.68 per hour. The responsibility of a claim adjuster is to plan, investigate and assess the insurance claims of a client.

Chemical Plant Operators

This is among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA and one of the most common unskilled jobs in the States, especially in Los Angelis. Among other manufacturing unskilled jobs like machine operators, fabricators and assemblers, chemical plant operators are the most common unskilled job sought after. For an applicant to be eligible to work as a Chemical plant operator, they must go through safety training. The training will enable you to know how to handle chemical hazards associated with this job.

Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers are also on the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. They have the task of maintaining their driver’s license and ensuring it is up to date than regular drivers’ because of the tedious nature of the job. Because they spend more time on the road and making long journeys and long hours spent on the road in making deliveries, requires commercial truck drivers to be more safety conscious by complying with all safety regulations and should have explicit knowledge about the truck they are driving, the movement of goods within the country makes commercial truck drivers relevant in the economy of the State.

Construction Laborers

In a construction project, workers are engaged in many unskilled construction jobs that do not require experience to make the project a success. The tasks such as cleaning up excavated debris, packing and unpacking of materials, traffic control, assisting skilled staff with a variety of tasks, and erection and dismantling of scaffolds for tasks above 5ft. The salary of an unskilled construction labourer is approximately $15.68 per hour.

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Customers Service Representative(CSR)

This is among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. Those that work under this category are said to be the image of the company. They are the first point of call. They are responsible for customer satisfaction by solving problems and handling their complaints.
Customer service is one of the unskilled tasks in an organisation but the representative should possess good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. He/She may be required a little formal education, and training on arrival is sometimes provided by the employers. The skills acquired in CSR jobs can be applied in other areas of endeavours, despite being thankful, it is a rewarding job.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are among the list of one of unskilled jobs in the USA today’s economy, their response is picking up and making delivery of packages to customers or businesses. This is a good pay job that has flexible hours of engagement. the person must have a valid driving licence, a reliable vehicle and be physically fit to carry deliveries and packages. The median earning for a delivery driver is $16.20 per hour and the average earning is $21,000 per year.


This is among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship that can be done from home is dishwashers. There are many employers who are ready to offer this service. For you to successfully do this, you must have dishwasher and sink in your home and not much training is required for this job. A basic knowledge of how to operate a dishwasher is a must.

Electronics Installers

Someone with some technical knowledge and skills can do this job without a college degree. The increase in need for electronic gadgets and devices has increased the demand for electronics installers. The installation and maintainance of electronic devices and systems are the core responsibilities of electronics installers and are in high demand in companies that provide both installation and service contract for electronic gadgets or equipment. Electronics installers need to have formal education and required physically fit person, although some employers offer certification courses that can help an installer improve his or her skills and knowledge.

Elevator Repairs

Unskilled construction labourer has a great opportunity in the elevator repair industry, persons with little or no formal degree can do this job and earn a good wage. Despite the high risk associated with the job, it is a rewarding job for those who are willing to learn and work hard.

Factory Workers

:In the manufacturing industry, factory workers have a great opportunity as an essential part of the workforce. they see to the day to day activities of the factory such as sorting, assembling, and packaging products. Monitory of production lines to ensure the quality standard are met, making a demanding but provides steady employment.

Farm Laborers

A farm labourer can earn an average salary of $13.25 per hour, making it one of the highest unskilled jobs in the United States. Someone without experience and formal education has a great opportunity to work in this field. They are responsible for taking care of livestock, clearing ground, planting crops or seeds, irrigation of farmland or crops using heavy agricultural equipment and tools etc.

The State of California has the majority and highest earn of an average of $15.00 per hour, followed by Texas being the second largest agricultural state with an average salary of$12.50 per hour while Florida has the average salary for farm labourers of $10.50 per hour.

Floor Installers

Floor installer has a thriving opportunity in the construction industry as unskilled workers. The floor installation process does not require a high level of skill and no prior experience in the construction industry. The physical demand of floor installation can not be overlooked and many workers may find it tedious to cope with but can be an entry-level construction job.

Food Production Workers

This is an unskilled labour job that requires little or no formal education and training, but is vital in the economy and physically demanding. The average salary for a food production worker is $13.13 per hour.

Food Service Work

This is one of the unskilled jobs in the United States, it has high physical demand and requires little training or experience. Employees in the food service industry are expected to prepare and serve food, do the necessary cleaning in the dining and kitchen. Although the salary is mot high but gives one room interactive experience and exposure with customers.

Freight handler

Freight handlers are unskilled jobs in the transportation industry, they are responsible for the movement of cargo and packages. This also involves the loading and unloading of materials from trucks, sorting items and making them ready for shipping. The job can learn in the process of doing it and does not required experience or training but can give you a good pay package.

Ground Maintenance Worker

Ground maintenance worker has the opportunity to be employed in public and private businesses because of their peculiar type of job, they see to the cleanliness and maintain private properties and public areas. It is physically demanding and does not require formal education but one must be safety conscious because of the dangers associated with the tasks. The national average salary for this job is $13.60 per hour.

Hazmat Removal Workers

The most unskilled construction jobs in the United States the Hazmat floor workers, it is physically demanding with a high level of safety consciousness. They are responsible for the removal and disposing dangerous materials hence the wearing of specialised protective garget is mandatory and employers should strictly ensure work is done safely.

Hotel Maid

Hotel maid is one of the jobs that do not required a college degree and they are responsible for keeping the guest room and other common areas oh clean and work for long hours.

Hotel Night Auditors

On like Hotel maid. Hotel night auditing is an unskilled job that can be done from home.The work is best done at night with one’s computer or laptop, reconciling the hotel’s books with its actual revenue and expenses, invoices are cross-check against the purchase orders, and credit card receipts are tracked to ensure all bills are paid.

Janitorial Work

Janitor workers are one of the unskilled jobs that does not require formal education and training, they are in charge of cleaning environment like workplaces, hospitals, office complexes. etc they make sure the restrooms, kitchens are neat and tidy. their duties involve sweeping,window dusting, mobbing floors, trash disposal etc, they also engage in repairs and change of light fittings. A janitor can earn an average salary of$12.09 per hour.


Housekeeping is an unskilled job and does not require skilled or special training and formal education but can be physically demanding and requires long hours. It is an important part of the hospitality industry and provides necessary services in hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

Laundry Attendant

This is one of the unskilled jobs that is an entry-level to the economic workforce and does not require formal education or extensive training. The laundry attendant is responsible for sorting clothes, loading, washes and drying clothes, also iron, folding or packaging the clothes.

Logistics Specialist

These are the unskilled workers in the transportation industry. Their duties start behind the scenes as they plan and make the process run smoothly. Trucks are loaded and unloaded with deliveries and shipments delivered. they strive to make delivery on time as much as possible which is essential for the growth and sustainability of the business.
Many successful logistics specialists started as warehouse labourers, and truck drivers, and learn the basic act in the transportation business and master the skills necessary to do their job well.

Mail Processor

This is one of the highest unskilled paid jobs that required low skill, guarantee stability and an average earning of $14.07 per hour.

Tax Preparer

This is among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. Tax preparers are one of the highest paid unskilled jobs. They help handle tax issues every year, making sure they get the best returns for their clients. The average earning of a tax preparer is $16.82 per hour.

Transport Driver

Working as a transport driver is among the list of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship that requires no special training or formal education. But the staff must possess a valid driving licence. Although the pay is low, it is an important job in the United States. Transport drivers can earn an average salary of $12.52 per hour.

Sanitation Workers

Staff in the sanitation industry are one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs, they collect waste from homes and business centres to landfills. It can be physically demanding, dangerous and dirty but they are very important personnel in society, their average salary is $13.59 per hour.

Security Guard

There are high- security areas and low-security areas, security guards may not have special skills or training to work in the security industry but can also advance to a higher career like supervisors or managers. The average salary for a security guard is $13.25 per hour.


The obvious opportunities to work in the United States as an unskilled worker with visa sponsorship are outlined in this article. The demand for unskilled workers is high, and the chances to be one of them are glaring, follow the links and apply for any of the above-mentioned jobs.

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