How To Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages And The New Time Limit You Need To Know

WhatsApp is one of the social media platforms people use to send and receive messages, documents, audio and video messages instantly. Sometimes users can send messages to the wrong recipient or even send the wrong message across. This article will help to teach us how to delete WhatsApp sent messages and the time limit you need to know. It is always easy to delete sent whatsApp messages immediately after you notice it is either sent to the wrong person or that the wrong message was sent.

There is no need to regret such actions because, since 2017, WhatsApp brought out a new feature that allows users to delete their sent messages. The new feature is called DELETE FOR EVERYONE. It helps you to instantly delete the wrong message before the receiver sees it. One of the facts you need to know about how to delete WhatsApp sent messages is that it has a time limit within which you must delete the message otherwise, it will no longer be possible.

How To Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages

For you to be able to delete your sent WhatsApp messages, you must update your WhatsApp to the latest version on your phone or any device you are using. Find out how to delete WhatsApp sent messages using the steps below:

  • On your phone or device, open your WhatsApp by clicking on the icon.
  • Select the chat with the message you wish to delete.
  • Click and hold the message.
  • Options will pop up for you to select from. Select the Delete from the menu.
  • You can also select more messages to delete multiple messages at once.
  • Then Click the Delete button, and then click on Delete for Everyone.

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Note: If you click on the Delete for Me option, the message will be for you alone but your recipient will still see the message.

What Is The Time Limit To Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages?

There is a time limit to delete WhatsApp sent messages that you need to know. Previously, the time limit to delete WhatsApp sent messages was within seven (7) minutes after it was sent. WhatsApp later extended the timing to one (1) hour but presently, it has been increased to two days. In case you sent a message to someone on WhatsApp and you need to delete it, you must do so within the first two (2)days from the day it was sent. After this period stated, you will not be able to delete the message again. The two days timeframe was updated in August 2022.

Can A Recipient See If You Deleted WhatsApp Sent messages?

Yes, your recipient will see that you deleted a message you sent to them. It will read this way ” This Message Was Deleted” on your screen. But if the recipient is online, they may even read the message you sent to them in error before you realise and delete them.

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