How To Clear Your Gmail Cache From Chrome And Firefox

A cache is used to store information on your computer, the services help to make it easier and faster to load at any time. Gmail helps you store a variety of data or files on your Computer in a temporary cache. This page will be discussing how to clear your Gmail cache from Chrome and Firefox. Whenever your Gmail is offline, Cache helps you to save your drafted emails so that you can easily work on them even without an internet facility available ( that is when you are offline). It goes a long way to decongest your inbox. It is one of the important features that make Gmail attractive.

Gmail cache makes it possible to efficiently use Gmail and have access to your draft messages even without the internet as long as your offline is enabled on your Gmail. One of the disadvantages is that it stores all the data both the ones needed and the ones not needed. This might not be your desire or expectations.

There are different steps on how to clear your Gmail cache if you use different browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc. Are you looking for how to clear your storage space on your Gmail? Or do you want your emails to be saved to offline storage when you are offline? Here is how to clear your Gmail cache from your browsers and prevent further cache storage in future.

How To Clear Your Gmail Cache

It is very easy and simple to clear your Gmail cache. But before you do, ensure that you will not lose any data or information you will need in future. Clearing your Gmail cache requires you also delete all your backed-up emails. Are you ready to clear your Gmail cache? Use the steps below:

How To Clear Your Gmail Cache On Chrome

Enter this URL chrome://settings/site data on the URL field on your browser and then click ENTER button.
You will be transferred to a page showing all the s cookies and data that have been saved. Scroll to “” or search for it.
The next thing is to click on the trash icon you will see in the top right corner to remove the cache for Gmail.
Then scroll to the very top and click the “Remove all” button if you want to clear the cache on all the sites. This will also remove all Gmail’s offline saved data.

How To Clear Your Gmail Cache On Firefox

On the top right corner of your page, you will see three lines, click on them.
Get to “preferences,” then “privacy and security,” and scroll down to “Cookies and site data.”
Click on “Clear Data,” then select “Cached Web
Click on “Clear.”

Note that when you clear cache for your browser, you may be signed out of sites where you were logged before you cleared it. However, your Gmail which is part of your cache will be cleared.

How To Turn Off Offline Gmail

If your offline Gmail is enabled, it will also be saving cached mail to your computer. Turning offline Gmail enabled off will remove this, as well as any other Gmail cache that has been stored. The following is how to turn off offline Gmail enabled.

In Gmail, click on the gear icon to through to the settings
Click on the “see all settings” button, then select “offline.”
You will see a checkmark box in red if you have offline mail-enabled. Click on it so that you will be able to disable it and then click on “Save changes” to save the changes you have made.

With the above steps, your Gmail cache will be deleted, and it will no longer save any offline mail.

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