How To Apply For Poland Work VISA For Worker-Shortage Jobs In 2023- Apply Here!

Are you an applicant looking for a high-paying job outside your country? There is high demand for jobs in Poland and you can start working in Poland by getting a Poland Work Visa or Work Permit in 2023. Follow us in this article, we will show you how to apply for Poland Work Visa For worker-shortage jobs in 2023.

The process of applying for and getting a visa is not as simple as it sounds because the Polish government through its immigration department wants all Poland employers to give priority to Polish citizens when offering job opportunities. But in situations where there is no Polish citizen with such required skills to fill in the available position, then the Poland employers are allowed to hire skilled foreign workers to fill in such vacant job positions.

List Of Occupation Jobs In Shortage In Poland 2023

The following is the list of skilled shortage jobs in Poland where Poland as a country does not have local workers available to fill in the positions.

  • Agricultural Workers
  • Chefs
  • Doctors
  • Drivers
  • Engineers
  • Financial Auditors
  • Fitters
  • Forklift Operators
  • Handyman
  • Porters
  • Turners
  • Welders

If you have any of the professional skills mentioned above, you can learn how to apply for Poland Work VISA for worker shortage jobs in 2023 here. With the necessary qualifications and experience, you can easily be selected for the job which will enable you to move to Poland and start earning a good income within a short period.

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List Of Different Types Of Poland Work Visa For Jobs In 2023

Poland is one of the EU countries, so the citizens of any EU country are always exempted from the Poland Work Visa requirement. Because of the exemption, it is very easy for such EU nationals to search for jobs in Poland, get employed and start working immediately. For other applicants who are neither Polish citizens nor from any EU country, the case is different and they have the opportunity to get the following types of Poland Visa available in 2023. See the types of Visa for non-citizens below:

Poland Types A Work Permit

The Polish government has allowed the employers of labour in Poland to hire and engage international workers on Type A work permit for those job occupations or opportunities they cannot find local citizens and which has also been termed as one of the shortage occupation jobs in Poland.

Poland Type C/E Work Permit

This is the type of work permit that can be applied for by an employee working for an international company that is expanding its operations in Poland or wants to have an office in Poland and also move to Poland. In such a case, the type of work permit you should apply for is the Poland Type C/E work permit.

MONAD Freelance Visa For Poland

Are you a freelancer looking for a country with a low cost of operations and living standards? You can think of Poland freelance Visa, the entry requirements are low. With the reduction in the cost of operations and standard of living, it means doing freelance jobs will be lucrative and would also be economically viable.

How To Apply For Poland Work VISA For Worker-Shortage Jobs In 2023

Surprisingly, it is not the duty of the employees to know how to apply for Poland work visa for worker-shortage jobs in 2023. It is the exclusive right and duty of any employer hiring you for any of the skilled shortage jobs mentioned above to submit your Poland Work Visa Application with all the necessary and needed documents. You just must make the documents ready and available for your employer because they might ask you to provide the documents with a Visa application fee for Poland PLN 100. In most cases, the application fees can also be paid by the employers hiring you.

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