Visa Sponsorship Jobs In New Zealand On High Demand – See The List You Need To Know

There is currently a high demand for skilled workers in New Zealand and accredited employers are eager to sponsor individuals from around the country. The visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand are an avenue through which people can travel to New Zealand to work and live in the country. The visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand have presented an incredible opportunity for job seekers to secure jobs. The starting salary for workers in New Zealand can start from $51,650 in New Zealand dollars.

There are so many fields of job that are in high demand and they are diverse and span from different sectors and industries. Professionals and international students seeking jobs and wanting to work in New Zealand should utilize this opportunity to take up the visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand.

The Process Of Securing Visa Sponsorship Jobs In New Zealand

When you get a job offer from a New Zealand-based company, the company where you secured the job will take care of the visa sponsorship process. With this, it makes the transition to working in New Zealand very easy and smooth for the employees. You should note that New Zealand is open to welcoming all candidates from all backgrounds, skill sets, and fields of study making it an inclusive destination for global talent.

List Of High-Demand Jobs In New Zealand

In this section, we will look at the examples of high-demand jobs in New Zealand with their respective salary ranges:

  • Engineering Fields: Various engineering roles are in high demand.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT):
  • ICT Managers ($120,000)
  • Software Engineers ($120,000)
  • ICT Security Specialists ($120,000)
  • Multimedia Specialists ($95,000)

A list of other High-Demand Fields Includes:

  • Construction (All Fields)
  • Finance / Business
  • Health and Social Services
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism
  • Science
  • Trades
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Education

For you to check if your field falls under the shortage list and increases your chances of getting a visa sponsorship job in New Zealand, you can use the “Skill Shortage Checker.”

List Of Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs In New Zealand

  • ACC
  • ASB Bank Limited
  • Auckland Council
  • Auckland District Health Board
  • AWF Limited
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Bay of Plenty District Health Board
  • Best Start Educare Limited
  • Bidfood Limited
  • Building Supplies Distribution Limited
  • Bunnings Limited
  • Kiwi Lumber Holdings Limited
  • KiwiRail Limited
  • Kmart NZ Holdings Limited
  • Landcorp Farming Limited
  • Lion NZ Limited
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited
  • Lyttelton Port Company Limited
  • Mainfreight Limited
  • Silver Fern Farms Limited
  • Skellerup Industries Limited
  • SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited

You can see the list of more accredited employers by clicking here.

Steps To Secure Visa Sponsorship Jobs In New Zealand

The following are the steps you can follow to secure visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand:

Find A Job In New Zealand

  • You can find visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand by exploring job openings at accredited companies provided by the New Zealand government.
  • When you find the job openings, apply for positions that match your skills and qualifications.

Create Your CV With New Zealand Style

  1. You should be aware that New Zealand employers prefer short, easy-to-read CVs click here for the format.
  2. Focus on including the following relevant information on your CV. The relevant information includes the following:
  • Community and volunteer experience
  • Qualifications and Education
  • Technical and personal skills
  • Work experience

    Write out details with examples of how you have applied your skills in the past.

Being able to create a New Zealand-style CV is important to making a positive impression on potential employers.

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Apply For The Job

  • At this stage, you can apply for the visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand of your choice with the accredited employer.
  • Secure a job offer to initiate the visa sponsorship process.
  • It should be noted that you can also apply for jobs in New Zealand before obtaining a visa. Once you have secured the job, the employer will then give you the necessary guide on how to go through the visa application process and once it is approved, you can start earning in New Zealand.


Ensure you do not miss this opportunity to secure visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand which is one of the most stunning and economically vibrant countries. Utilize it and start the process of getting a visa sponsorship job in New Zealand.

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