Vevo Music Video Platform | All You Need To Know About Vevo

Vevo is one of the largest premium music platforms in the world. It is a platform that offers artists the opportunity to post music. Earlier people can go to the Vevo music video platform to watch the content of their favourite artists. Things are different now because you cannot watch videos on Vevo again instead what can do is find Vevo music on Youtube. There are still some other ways to Vevo music video platform.

Vevo music video platform is a video hosting platform that provides audiences with music videos and allows users to download the music for free. The three major companies that Vevo hosts their music are Warmer Music Group Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group. Many of our top artists like Ariana Grande and Beyonce can be seen featuring here.

In 2018, Vevo announced the shutting down of its consumer website and mobile application but will be distributing via Youtube. You can now go to Vevo’s Youtube channel to watch the latest official music videos, interviews and live performances etc.

Where Can I Watch Vevo?

Since the shutdown of the Vevo website and app, You can watch the Vevo music videos platform on Youtube. There are other platforms or avenues where you can watch the Vevo Music Video and including fire Tv, Sk Q, Roku, Virgin Media, Echo and Now TV.

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Steps To Convert From Vevo Music Platform To MP3

The following are steps you can take to download your favourite Vevo Music video and songs to enjoy them while offline later through using MP3.

Step 1: Download and install the MiniTool Youtube Downloader.
Step 2: Start this program to get its main interface.
Step 3: Type Vevo music on the search box and click on go. You can also sign in to your Youtube account and search for Vevo Music videos in your playlist. Whichever step is easier for you, follow it.
Step 4: Open the Vevo video, you will see a download icon very close to the address bar. Click on the download button.
Step 5: Choose MP3 from the list of options that will pop up. The default subtitle is in English, you can change it to your choice by selecting a subtitle you want to use in the download subtitles section.
Step 6: Click on the download button to convert Vevo to MP3.
Step 7: As soon as the conversion process is completed, choose or click on the Navigate to file icon to find the right panel.

List Of Other Platforms That Can Serve As Alternatives To Vevo Music Video Platform

Below is the list of other alternative platforms you can use to download your Music or video apart from Vevo. Although the list is large, these few have been identified as the ones often used by people.

Dailymotion- Daily motion is a platform where you can share videos. It offers different types of videos like news, sports, music etc.
Pandora- Pandora is used in playing songs and podcasts but is only available now for only people to use in the U.S.
SoundCloud- SoundCloud is one of the largest music streaming services with more than 200 million tracks.
Spotify- Spotify can be used by people across the globe to download music. It provides millions of episodes and tracks.
Youtube Music- With Youtube, you can easily browse music and songs based on playlists, recommendations and genres.


This article will help you understand What Vevo is all about and also the different alternatives Vevo Music video platforms stated. The steps to download Vevo were also highlighted.

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