Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship UK- How To Apply Now

The United Kingdom is well known for the influx of professionals and students from all over the world Getting admission or jobs are the routes to migrate to the UK. There is a shortage of both skilled and unskilled labour for industries in the UK. This article will focus on discussions about unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK.

Skilled foreign professionals and workers like Nurses and other health workers get access to the United Kingdom easily. Some unskilled labourers may want to move to the United Kingdom but may not know how because it looks impossible to them. In case you are in search of unskilled jobs with sponsorship UK.

What Is The Meaning Of Unskilled Job In the UK?

Unskilled Jobs and unskilled labour are always used interchangeably. Unskilled labour can be described as a labourer that does a job that needs no experience or proper training. The unskilled labourers have little or no formal education and limited skill.

With the explanations above, an unskilled job, therefore, are types of job that do not require special training or skill to perform. Those that do unskilled jobs in the UK are paid a very low salary. This group includes but is not limited to grocery clerks, cleaners, farm workers etc. It is only in rare cases that you can see a degree holder doing unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK.

A skilled job on the other hand is that type of job that requires specialized skills and training. They are not white-collar jobs, but it is different from highly skilled occupations like Engineers, Lawyers, Architects etc, Some examples of skilled workers are plumbers, Electricians welders etc.

How To Search For Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship UK

There are different ways to search for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK. It is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Apply For A Visa

You need to have a work permit if you want to work in the United Kingdom as an unskilled labourer, The UK has so many types of work permits depending on the occupation you are doing.

Apply For Unskilled Jobs In The Uk

Are you in search of an unskilled job in the UK? The first step is to apply for jobs in various companies, and get a job offer from a company in the UK to be eligible for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK. If your application is accepted, you will be eligible for visa sponsorship. The following documents need to be available and ready to get a job offer.

  • A tuberculosis test results if you are from a country that needs tuberculosis tests for visa applicants.
  • Certificate of sponsorship that would be provided by your employers.
  • Proof of adequate payment plans from your employers.

List Of Common Unskilled Jobs In the UK

  1. Bouncers.
  2. Cleaners.
  3. Construction workers.
  4. Drivers.
  5. Farm workers
  6. Mining constructors.
  7. Private chauffeur.

List Of Unskilled Jobs In The UK With The Highest Pay


These are groups of people that control events and also give a detailed report of activities that went out of hand to the appropriate authorities. They ensure the safety of guests in an event. Bouncers earn £28,233 per year.

Construction Worker

Because there are always constant repairs, maintenance and construction of new infrastructure in the US and UK, construction work has become a very lucrative job for those searching for Unskilled jobs with a visa sponsorship UK. This type of job can not be done by skilled workers because it requires a lot of assembling, cleaning up of sites, demolition of structures, and scaffolding. Sometimes it might involve the operation of heavy-duty machines and construction equipment. Their salary may be up to £23,363 per year.


A Courier is someone that delivers parcels, collected from a more central depot to specific addresses. They plan their routes to make sure they deliver their packages to the owners in good time. The salary of a courier is £28.233 per year.

Farm Worker

The responsibility of a farm worker on a crop farm includes the planting of crops. tending to the crops to ensure it is growing well, and then harvesting them when it is mature. Farmworkers can also work on a livestock farm, where they provide the essential needs of the livestock like clean shelter, taking care of their newborn, feeding and general care. The salary of an average farmworker is £19, 747 yearly.


The Janitors are people who do general cleaning on buildings especially public buildings. They make sure that the buildings they are in charge of are always clean. They clean by mopping, cleaning the windows, and furniture, and vacuuming. Their salary is £20,194 per year.

Private Chauffeur

These people are live drivers. Their responsibility is to drive and maintain the vehicles of their employers. They are assigned to an individual to who they are solely accountable and perform their specific roles to the person. Their salary is £32,643 yearly.

Sales Representative

Customers often reach out to manufacturers of products for so many reasons which might be to advise the company on how to improve their rand, place orders, or even to complain about the products or services of the company. It is the sales representatives that serve as a link between the manufacturer and its customers. Their role includes taking feedback to the appropriate quarters. Their salary is £21, 751 per year.

The Types Of Visas In Uk

In the United Kingdom, there is a visa system that exists and helps immigrants into the UK. The visa is divided into five different categories which represent the types of immigrants and classes of foreigners that may desire to move into the country. They are as follows:

  1. The First Tier: This is for the highly skilled immigrants or those immigrants with highly valued skills in the United Kingdom.
  2. The Second Tier: This is for skilled workers.
  3. The Third Tier: This is for the low and unskilled group of workers.
  4. The Fourth Tier: These are for students who are from 16 years and above and want to migrate to the UK.
  5. The Fifth Tier:
  6. This is for temporary workers, international agreements, charity workers and religious workers.

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The Third Tier Visa To The United Kingdom

The UK third tire visa is meant for unskilled workers. It is the type of visa you will get when searching for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK. It is the type of visa that is specifically meant for people whose earnings are below £25,600. It is of note that unskilled workers are no longer allowed into the UK. The visa is currently on hold by the United Kingdom government but they can still be allowed to work if they meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must meet the required number of points on the assessment test before they can qualify to be granted a visa.
  • The applicant must have his or her certificate of sponsorship.
  • The newfound job taking them to Uk must be offering at least £25,600 per year as a salary. The unskilled workers are not allowed to earn below the amount stated above except in emergency vacancies.

Although the third-tier visa does not have a language requirement, it does not mean that an applicant should not be proficient in the English language and skills when he or she is applying for a visa to the United Kingdom. One of the numerous benefits of this type of visa is that you can apply for an indefinite leave of permanent residency. The only warning about it is that the visa lasts for only 12 months, you cannot be allowed to bring your spouse and any family member into the UK with a third-tier visa.

List Of Websites Where You Can Find Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Uk

Career Jet

This is a job search engine that was created to make the process of job searches on the internet easier. Career Jet have a database of job openings from various recruitment agencies and job boards all over the world.


This is a fast-growing education and career site that helps professionals and other people to achieve their goals. The Fasthire website offers some assistance that can help you get a job easily like helping in building your CV and optimizing your LinkedIn profile optimization.


This website has over 250 million unique visitors that visit the site monthly. Indeed deals on recruitment in the world and provides job offers and any other company information free to its users.


Jobble is used by millions of professionals in up to 69 countries in the world. Their responsibility is to help their clients and users find their dream jobs online using their website.


This is one of the leading career websites in the Uk. Reed is one of the first recruitment websites that came into existence in the UK and still exists to date.


In case you are looking for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship UK, it might be difficult to achieve. With the above content, you can easily find a way out and know the types of jobs to apply for and the requirements for obtaining a visa. Look out for jobs you can apply for and the employer will be eager and willing to sponsor your visa.

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