List Of Free Music Websites For Music Downloads

There are many platforms or websites where you can use to download music on the internet apart from Apple Music and Spotify which are very popular and gets more attention from users. Other free music websites exist with high quality which you can also use for music downloads.

The free music websites are used by lovers of music and new artists. The artists use this website to source legal audio for them to use and create their new songs. One of the advantages of using free music websites is that you save money from regular subscriptions.

List Of Free Music Websites For Music Downloads


Bandcamp is one of the major free music websites used by people to source free music. It is involved online and physical sales. Artists release their songs and make them available as “Pay What You Want”, or Free Download” or with the low price of $0. You can download your music in different formats using files like FLAC, AIFF, WAV or the well-known MP3.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit making organization founded in 1996 and full of content. The popular Wayback Machine where you can find some websites that are no longer functioning or existing is maintained by the Internet Archive. It Archives the internet itself but has no product or services it offers rather it focuses on preserving information and websites.

You will find so many options to browse when you search for Audion on the Internet Archive. You will find high-quality audio files and public genres like hip hop and classical music.

Jamendo Music

It provides free download and free streaming services with a licence for artists. The audio catalogue in Jamendo is well selected, organized and presented in a more professional way when compared with other websites. A&R services that t can help artists to o find sponsors or partners that will help them monetize their content.

These are two sets of users of Jamendo which are the e-content licensing section and the streaming/ downloading section. The several ways you can find new music on Jamendo are as follows; spotlighted albums and mixes, and exploring music using tags and playlists.
checking out genre-based Radio stations,

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This is one of the free music websites that provides a large number of free music downloads and helps producers to buy and sell beats. Not all the tracks on the beatstars platform that is freely available, you need to search for the tracks with “free” tag options to download files or you download some of them for free.

The website has a very popular mobile app which you can download either from Apple Store or Google Playstore, It is of note that beatmakers are charged to use the tracks in their works as a means of offsetting the cost of free downloads.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube is known as one of the most popular r platforms for music and video downloads on the website. There are so many things you need to know about the platform. YouTube Audio Library is a more convenient place to source royalty-free audio which you can filter based on the search for artists and the content you know or based on genre and mood. The two rules that guide YouTube Library are :

The music cannot be used illegally or with illegal content.
The audio downloaded can not be resold as a single item. For instance, the downloads of unaltered content cannot e sold


Audiomack was launched in 2012 as one of the free music websites used by music lovers and artists. There is a plan by Audiomack to expand the ways artists and fans can connect with each other, get value for their content, and many other benefits. It is the right of the right holders to determine the songs that can be downloaded but to listen to music on the platform is free. Audiomack has a popular mobile app which you can download on Google play or the App store.


Datpiff focuses only on hip hop and mixtapes, unlike other free music websites. It is a place where you can easily hear songs from the big names in the genres and discover new artists. Some projects may be attributed to a particular artist, but they will often include numerous guest appearances, demos, remixes or alternatives.

In as much as Daptiff offers both paid and free content, there are still some restrictions on how to use the website. Datpiff can be downloaded on your mobile app using either Google Play or the Apple store. Datpiff registered users have a daily download limit and the unregistered users are only given the opportunity to access content for free if the artist or label “sponsors” many downloads.


This is one of the non-official non-profit platforms, it was founded in 2012 to help increase access to music education by providing sheet music, educational material, apps and music recordings,

Museopen hosts a streaming radio station and a royalty-free music archive, they focus on classical music. The paid accounts offer more opportunities for you to have access and download up to 5 songs free for a day.


SoundClick is one of the oldest free music websites with various and diverse types of libraries. The user interface is very accessible, easy to navigate, and has features like light and dark modes. The most popular genre that is always represented on the site is hip hop.

The user’s account is always free, but the artists use the premium account options.


SoundCloud is one of the popular free music websites that allow users to stream music and download songs for free without restrictions. It is owned by Indians and was recently featured as one of India’s best music streaming services. It can be seen as the best alternative to Spotify which allows you to get online music without payments. All the music on SoundCloud is not free.


ReverbNation is one of the free music websites that offer different types of genres and its collections are mostly hip hop, alternatives and pop. It gave an opportunity for bands like the Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons and The Civil War to gain popularity by allowing them to share their music freely. This act helped them to get a huge fanbase.


NoiseTrade is a collection of albums by many artists that want users to check their creations. After going through the collection of songs, and you like it, you can make donations to support them. The music listed here is free and legal for you to download.

Free Amazon Music Store

Free Amazon Music Store gives the users the privilege to access millions of free music that you can stream on any device, saved and enjoyed while offline. Note that it is either you pay or some money or you choose the trial option to get the benefits.

Another way to get music from Amazon’s free music website is to visit the company’s free music page on the digital music section to download the songs made available listed there. You need to have an Amazon account to be able to download songs on this website.

In 2002, was created initially to function as an internet radio station. In 2005, Audiscsrobbler took over the site. It collects data from different media players and music streaming websites to create customized individual profiles based on the musical interest and listening habits of the users. It is also one of the best free music websites where you can download songs free.

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