Free MP3 Music Download Sites For Your Legal Downloads

There are many music download sites where you can easily download your music free instead of spending money to purchase it. In the olden days, this opportunity was not possible or easy to come by. This article will focus on free MP3 music download sites for legal downloads.

So many do not know where to download music free on the internet. In discussing free MP3 music download sites, we will be looking at the features and make-up as well. There are many options you can use to download music online with your computer or Android phone. For you to download copyrighted music from the internet is illegal in many countries and has a very high risk because most of the free music sites are infected with malware or virus.

List Of Free MP3 Music Download Sites

This is one of the MP3 free music download sites that offer thousands of freeMP3. it is based in the U.S with similar functions it performs as YouTube videos. It is among the 500 largest sites in the U.S and currently trying to break into the top 1,000 ranking sites worldwide. To download songs from MP3 juice is very simple

Free MP3 Music Download Sites Like MP3Juice

Here we will discuss free MP3 music download sites like Mp3 Juice. These sites are not as popular as MP3 Juice but you can also use them to find and download your favourite songs or music on the internet. They are as follows:

Free MP3 Downloads

This is a multipurpose site where you can download and share video clips. You can search items on the basis of song name, album name or movie name which makes it easier. The free MP3 download has the largest collection of MP3 in the world with an advanced crawler that can easily search for songs on the internet within a few minutes.


BeeMp3 is one of the sites you can use for your free Mp3 music downloads. It has millions of songs which you can download easily, and also helps you to find the latest songs on the internet without stress.

MP3 Skull

MP3Skull is among the famous free MP3 music download sites where you can get a huge database of songs in their different categories. The different categories are “Top 100 Songs”, “Top English Albums etc. The MP3Juice interface is better when compared to the interface of MP3Skull and easy to find.


You can download the MP3Clan application on your phone, it is very easy to use and free. You can download the latest songs and videos and search for them based on the type of music e.g Rock, Dance, Country, Blues etc.


You can download free MP3 music from myfreeMP3 easily, with a good collection of MP3 music. It is popular, but one of the shortfalls is that there are so many ads that will pop up during downloads which might displease you.

The Songs,pk is one of the free MP3 music download sites, it allows you not only to download the latest Bollywood movie songs, but also Indian pop songs, Ghazals, Pakistani, Popular Punjabi songs, and other songs by different artists etc,

So many people prefer using to download music free online than any other free MP 3 download site. Most music lovers make their first choice.


YTHub can be used by beginners to search and download MP3s from YouTube without visiting YouTube because it has an inbuilt search bar where you can paste a URL to initiate a download process. It is free and does not require any special sign-up time or period for download.

YTHub has a place where you can enter timestamps and it is only the contents that fall between the timestamps that will be downloaded. This feature is very helpful, especially for those that want to download large videos and want them to be in a specific sequence.

It offers so many choices for downloads and shows the uploaders’ name, duration and total views for each URL used. YTHub enables you to download MP3 from Youtube automatically without first converting the video. You can choose any quality of your download in pixels like 144P, 2160P, 1440P, 480P and any other pixel video quality that is available. This platform also provides the opportunity to choose whether your video will be in WEBM or as

4K Youtube To MP3

This is the software that can help you convert Youtube video to MP3 within some minutes with less than 3 clicks. This software does not only work with Youtube but also with other websites like Tumblr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Twitch Instagram etc.

The process to download music from this free MP3 music download sites is to copy and paste the link on the software and instantly, it will give you another download link that will enable you to download all you want to download as an MP3 file or as audio formats.

You can also download it in other formats like OGG and M4A. It can help you set up proxies in case a Youtube channel is not available in your country. Instead of downloading each file manually, 4K Youtube to MP3 can allow you to download the entire albums and channels with just one click. It has an inbuilt audio player. and free to use.

This software is one of the free MP3 music download sites that provide the option for you to download English music free. You can download the latest music videos free on this software. The software is so popular among teenagers.

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It can help you search and download international songs, and search for the lyrics easily on the search engine via the internet. With, you can download and group your songs in the playlist. You can go through the songs on your recently download or on top download.

VideoProc Converter

As a beginner, you can use VideoProc Converter software to download videos from more than 1000 sites. The list of sites includes TikTok, Youtube, Instagram IGTV videos etc. It is one of the easiest, free and simplest software you can use.

The process is for you to just copy the URL from the MP3 /video page and paste it into the software and you are done. For you to eliminate the process of converting files to another format after the download, before you start the download process, you need to choose the type of video quality you need, like 4K/ SD/ HD/ 8K etc. You can also download Youtube channels and playlists in one click and Youtube videos directly as MP3. If your Youtube video has subtitles, you can download it and also have the opportunity to add your personal subtitles. This software has a feature that enables you to cut and merge, remove audio from files, and add a watermark. is one of the free MP3 music download sites that enables you to search for songs either by the artist’s name or by their title. It is free and shows the latest or top trending songs. From the software, you can easily dictate the songs that are currently downloaded or played by users.

This is one of the free MP3 music download sites you can use to download all the Bengali songs both the favourite and latest.

The software has sections. There is a section where you can listen to the Bengali song by your favourite artists. There are various audiobooks provided for lovers of Bengali music.

Jamendo is among the best free MP3 music download sites with a collection of a large number of tracks, and 402 million downloads. You can find and download your favourite Engish songs and albums. The software will enable you to listen to Jamendo’s Radio and make a list of your favourite music.

This is a special type of website used mainly by artists that want their albums to become popular. It is also a site where those that like following new artists and want to listen to their music albums can visit. PureVolume contains songs and albums of so many artists from different countries. These artists are allowed to host their MP3 songs and allow their songs to be downloaded by users.

It has the latest music section where you can find out the newly released music. There is a place on the left side of the site where you can know which songs are being listened to by people.

This is among the free MP3 music download sites that provide the latest Punjabi songs. Bollywood movies, the Latest DJ Remix MP3 songs, and the latest Indipop songs. The Yo Yo Honey Singh fans like this site because they can easily download all their special songs from there. You can search for songs by either the album name, artist name or movie name.

One of the best features of Songsmp3 is that it has an instrumental songs collection, you can search for your favourite music director, singer, stars, composers etc on the site.

This is one of the most popular free MP3 music download sites in terms of listening to the latest songs, classic old songs and popular albums. It is a very easy site to use and navigate in. It has the option where you can now subscribe monthly.

The different options at Gaana which you can use to search for songs are top charts, new releases, friend feed, artist names etc. It has become the most popular free. You can download Gaana App on your smartphones so that you can listen to them later even when offline.

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