List Of 12 Documents Required To Get A UK Visa Application – See The List Here Now

VISA is an acronym for Visitors International Stay Admission. A VISA is one of the most important documents that is required when you want to embark on any international travel. There are documents required to get a UK VISA application and that is the focus of our discussion in this article.

The List Of Documents Required To Get A UK Visa Application

Find below the list of documents required for a UK visa application.

  • The UK Visa application form: This is one of the important documents to get a UK visa application for anybody that wants to apply for a Visa to the United Kingdom. You must fill out the UK application form and it is usually accessed and filled out either online or manually.
  • A Valid International Passport: All applicants that intend to travel to the UK must have a valid international passport because it is one of the documents required to get a UK visa application. There must be a blank page for the VISA on the international passport and the passport must be valid at least for three months beyond the date you want to travel to the UK.
  • Proof of funds/ means of subsistence: Having proof of funds is one of the documents required to get a UK application. This is to prove that the applicant has sufficient funds to carter for his/her stay in the UK and pay her bills during her stay in the UK because the UK government will not want to give their VISA to anyone which will constitute a liability to them. Proof of funds is your bank statements or payslips for the immediate past six (6) months.
  • Proof of UK VISA payment: Having proof that you have paid for your VISA fees is among the important documents required to get a UK VISA application and must be submitted alongside other documents in the process of applying for a UK VISA.
  • An invitation Letter: This is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA application, especially for people that want to travel to the UK on the invitation. For anyone to be invited to the UK, the host must be a citizen or must be a legal resident of the United Kingdom if not the VISA application will be denied and the applicant will lose the opportunity.
  • Travel Itinerary: An itinerary is a document that states in detail your program of activities and the places you will likely visit and the dates you will visit the places during your stay in the UK.
  • Medical Test Results: A medical test result is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA application. This is always compulsory for people living in countries prone to tuberculosis-endemic. They will be required to submit negative tuberculosis test results which must be valid for only six (6) months. If the test result is positive, they will not be granted a VISA to the United Kingdom.
  • Biometric Data: This is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA. In case you are travelling to the UK and intend to stay more than six (6) months, you will be required to submit your biometric data at the designated biometric capturing centre in the UK.
  • Employment documents: An employment document is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA application. This is a letter from your employer stating your employment status, pay grade, position and leave of absence or permission to travel to the UK.

Those that are self-employed or business owners, will be required to provide a business document stating the name of their business and the date the business was incorporated and became operational.

For the other group of applicants who are still students, they must provide a letter stating their admission or enrollment status and leave of absence or present a permission letter to travel.

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  • Birth certificate or documents: This is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA application. For minors, they must submit their birth certificates. Also for any adopted child, the adoption papers must be presented to show that the child was legally adopted.

Minors who want to travel to the UK alone or accompanied by someone else other than their parent or legal guardian must have a legal letter from the minor’s parents or legal guardian. A copy of the parent’s or legal guardian’s international passport data must also be submitted,

  • Proof of Accommodation: Proof of accommodation is one of the documents required to get a UK VISA application. This is evidence to show where you will stay while you are on a visit to the UK. This proof of accommodation may be a hotel reservation, rental agreement/contract, a friend’s house or even a letter from a tour operator or holiday tours.

If you are using a hotel reservation, the reservation confirmation letter must contain the information as stated below:

  1. The applicant’s Legal full name
  2. The entry and exit dates
  3. The hotel address
  4. The hotel’s contact details
  5. The valid hotel reservation code

In case of any delay in the VISA application process, UK VISA applicants are always advised to make a refundable hotel reservation to avoid loss of funds. Alternatively, the applicants can make a dummy hotel reservation ( placing a hotel reservation or booking without making any payment) can be submitted for the UK VISA application. You can read more on how to apply for VISA in the UK here.

For UK VISA applicants who want to stay with a friend or relative during their stay in the UK, must submit an invitation letter from the host which must contain the following information stated below:

  1. The legal name of the host,
  2. Duration of stay with the host with dates
  3. Address of the host
  4. Contact details of the host
  5. Signature of the host
  6. The number of rooms the host has and the number of people living with him

In addition to the information above, the host will also be required to submit a certificate of accommodation to the embassy to confirm that there is a soare suitable room to accommodate the UK applicant that wants to visit.

You might also be required to provide a confirmation letter from an organised tour operator or holiday tour showing the accommodation plan for the tour group and the following information must also be provided:

  1. Name of the place
  2. Address
  3. Telephone number & email
  4. Date of entry and exit
  5. Name in which the reservations were made
  6. The tour operator must be legal for the issued documents to be valid

The contract letter or rental agreement must also contain the information below:

  1. The legal full name of the landlord
  2. The landlord’s contact details
  3. The address of the rented house, room, or apartment
  4. The duration of the rent with entry and exit date
  5. The document must be signed by both the landlord and applicant and the property must be properly registered with the appropriate authorities in the UK.


Most times the documents required to get a VISA application might vary. The variance may depend upon the type of visa, but the requirements stated above are general requirements and not specific to any type of VISA.

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