Validate Your NIN Online – See How To Validate My NIN Now!

The federal government of Nigeria recently instructed that all her citizens should register and get their Nationa Identification Number (NIN). In case you have registered but want to validate your NIN online, this article will be of good help to you. To get NIN, you have to go to any National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office nearest to you.

How To Validate Your NIN Online

The main reason why you need to validate your NIN online after registration is to ensure that it is accurate. You might need to go to the NIMC office to validate your NIN, but you can simply do it online in the comfort of your home. This article will provide a guide on how to validate your NIN if you are already registered.

It might interest you to know that the process of validating your NIN is also as important as the registration process itself. The National Identity Number is a means of identification that every citizen of Nigeria is expected to have. The number is unique to each person and no NIN is the same.

Once you have registered in the NIMC office to get the NIN number, the next thing that should be done is to validate your NIN online. You can also validate your NIN offline but it is less time-consuming, less expensive, simpler and easier when done online. The only expenses you may incur to validate your NIN online is just the data charges.

Once you have validated your NIN, you can go to rest because you now know that your NIN is correct. You might be wondering if any implications may arise if you don’t validate your NIN online or offline. The implications are as follows::

  • You won’t be able to link your NIN to your SIM. Linking your NIN to your SIM is very important
  • Your SIM card will be eventually disconnected if it is not linked to your NIN.

The federal government has made it easy and will hold you responsible if you refuse to register to get NIN and validate your NIN online or offline. Follow the steps that will be outlined in this article. You can validate your NIN online through the NIN app, the Apple store for users of IOS phones and the Play Store for Android phone users. But you must ensure you have your eleven (11) digits National Identification Number (NIN) before you start the online validation exercise.

Download The NIMC Official Mobile App

The first step to take if you want to validate your NIN online is to download the NIMC official mobile app. Once you open the app, you will be asked to key in your NIN, enter the NIN on the space provided for it and make sure that the number you entered is correct. Enter the phone number that you used in registering your NIN in the space provided. When you have finished providing the information as required, click on the NEXT BUTTON to continue the process.

Receive An OTP

After you have clicked the NEXT BUTTON the system will send you an OTP automatically to your phone number. But you must also ensure that your phone number is active before you start the process. Once you receive the OTP, you will use it to validate your NIN online. If this is done, you have successfully validated your National Identification Number (NIN) online.

How To Validate Your NIN Offline

Another alternative way through which you can validate your NIN is doing it offline. If you got your NIN through BVN, the online method might not work for you, so you must go to their office. So all you need to do is to go to the NIMC office nearest to you and validate your NIN.

Visit The NIMC Office

If you cannot validate your NIN online, the only available option is to visit their office. Once you get to their office, you will request the validation form. Fill out the form correctly. You might be asked to pay the sum of four thousand (#4,000) naira only. Some offices collect an amount less than four thousand naira, while others do not demand any form of payment at all for validation.

If the office you visited requests you make payments, make your payments and submit your form. In case you have not registered before to get NIN, you can register in any of their offices nearest to you or visit the website HERE. Follow the instructions on the website and you will be registered.

If you experience any difficulties during the registration or validation process, you can reach out to the NIMC help desk for help. The officers on duty will help and guide you on what to do and how to resolve the issues.

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