Learning Online Advantages And Disadvantages

Learning Online can be described as the type of learning that takes place over the internet. It can also be referred to as online education, e-learning, or digital learning. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about new ways of learning. Learning Online: Advantages and disadvantages are our focus of discussion on this platform.

Learning online has taken over our traditional mode of learning. Educational Institutions, parents, students and even teachers seem to have so many concerns on their minds concerning learning online. The CVID-19 outbreak has made e-learning emerge as an important resource for schools and students across the globe. Learning online has emerged as an entirely new way of educating people that must be adopted. There are some scholarly articles written about online learning in higher education: exploring the advantages and disadvantages of engagement.

Learning online spans many other extracurricular activities. Understanding Learning online advantages and disadvantages by both the institutes involved, teachers and students as well. This will enable them to create strategies on how to deliver their lessons more efficiently and effectively and make sure there are no interruptions in the learning process.

Learning Online Advantages

The sudden outburst of Learning online has been a huge shift for many people both in the education and other sectors. The advantages of online learning are what make learning an enjoyable experience for students and teachers as well. Below are the advantages of learning online.

It Is Accessible

One of the advantages of learning online is it is easier for students to attend lectures from anywhere that is convenient and conducive for them. Some students who want to study in another country might not have the financial capacity or other restrictions to travel. But learning online can help them to attend lectures while in their country and still get certificates without travelling. But learning online Schools are also able to reach out to many students without being restricted to a certain location or geographical boundaries.

It is also possible to record and store what is thought by the teachers during the learning online process so that it can be shared in the future for reference purposes. Having the recordings enables the students to have access to the learning materials at a later time that is convenient for them.

Online learning makes it possible for students to have direct access to their lecturers or Professors. This is unlike in the traditional setting where some lecturers have tight schedules and may not be reached by their students when the need for them to see them arises.


Another advantage of learning online is that it offers teachers a conducive way to teach their students. There are so many tools which teachers can use as part of their lesson plans and to deliver their lessons and it including PDFs, Videos, Podcasts etc. Providing these tools has made teachers more efficient and not restricted to traditional textbooks.


Learning online can be affordable, unlike the traditional or physical learning process which is very expensive. Using online learning removes transportation costs, students’ meals, and accommodation expenses from the list of expenses to be borne by students. Also, the cost of study material will be eliminated because the materials can be accessed online and are also affordable online. Learning online equally creates a paperless learning environment for students.

Secondly, in physical classes, parents are mandated to buy school uniforms and spend so much money on the cost of transportation for their wards. But online learning is not compulsory, thus parents can save funds for other things from here.

A variety of learning Styles Can Be Used

Students have different learning styles, learning environments and processes that are peculiar to them. Some students prefer learning using audio while other students prefer visual learning. When considering the learning environment, some students prefer learning alone because they get distracted easily by crowds while others prefer a classroom setting before they will be able to understand.
Learning online can proffer solutions to their different problems, It can create a different learning environment that will be suitable to the different needs of each student.

Improved Attendance

Due to the fact that online classes can be taken from any location, It is difficult for students to miss classes especially if they are in a place that has internet coverage. Students can take their attendance from the comfort of their homes and this improves students’ attendance in classes.

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Learning Online Disadvantages

Technology Issues

One of the advantages of learning online is that you can have access to learn from anywhere that suits your convenience as far as there is an internet connection. Although some places have internet coverage, in a situation where the internet connectivity is not strong, the students might miss their classes. Where these problems often happen, it will be difficult for both the students and the teachers to continue which is not good for the educational process.

Lose Concentration

It is easier for students to lose focus while in an online class if not monitored more than what is obtainable in physical classes. Students can divert their attention to other applications or activities on the laptops, phones and gadgets they use for online learning. These activities may include games, youtube entertainment, or videos which can easily distract them from their main subject of study if not monitored.

Difficulty Focusing On Screens

One of the main challenges faced by students learning online is the difficulty they face focusing on the computer, and phone screens for a very long time. Some can be due to health challenges or eye defects. Teachers are encouraged to make their online classes so interactive and engaging so that students will remain focused.

Feeling Isolated

Online classes make students feel so isolated unlike in physical classes where they can interact with each other. Physical classes help students to interact with each other and learn while in the company of their mates. Education institutions should create other platforms or avenues where students can communicate with each other through emails, messages and video conference calls that will enable the students to see each other face to face thereby reducing the feeling of being isolated.

High Cost

One of the advantages of online learning stated above is that it is affordable. But for students that are not too buoyant, it is also expensive for them to cope because they cannot afford the laptop, smartphones and other gadgets required for learning online. The cost of paying for a subscription for data can as well be very high because you need to be connected to the internet always before you can attend classes online.

Development Of Health Issues

Constantly sitting down on in one place for hours is not healthy at all. Also focusing on the laptop or phone screen for a long time can damage the student’s eyesight. There is the possibility of developing back ache due to an incorrect posture or staying hunched while sitting for a very long time.

Teachers Training

For a teacher to be able to teach students online, there is basic knowledge on how to use the different types of tools for digital learning. Even where the teachers have the basic knowledge required, they may not have the necessary tools and resources needed to conduct e-learning. To solve this problem, Schools are advised to train their teachers and update them on the use of the latest technology that will enable them to conduct their online learning without stress or difficulty.

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