How To Work As A Foreign-Trained Nurse In Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the countries in the middle east with high demand for nurses. Kuwait is not as popular as some other countries within the region. This article will be discussing how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait. Nurses in Kuwait which also includes foreign nurses enjoy a good salary which is tax-free and good working experiences. How To Work As A Foreign-Trained Nurse In Kuwait

Most nurses prefer to work abroad and Kuwait is one of the countries that foreign nurses are eager to travel to and work as foreign-trained nurses. If you will be able to overcome the challenges that posses as hurdles for foreigners working abroad, it means it will not be a difficult task for you to work in Kuwait. Some of the challenges you may encounter working abroad includes different cultural background, language barriers and homesick feelings.

Foreign nurses who want to practice and work in Kuwait must have an understanding of the Arabic language because it is the predominant language in Kuwait. Such a person should also be conversant with things that are prohibited in Kuwait and against the law of their country. Such things include Pork meat, alcohol, pigskin products and beef are not allowed to be consumed in Kuwait.

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Requirements On How To Work As A Foreign-Trained Nurse In Kuwait

There are some basic requirements and standards that have been set by Kuwait as a country. These requirements must be met by anyone that is looking at how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait. The requirements that must be met include the following:

Curriculum Vitae

You should have a well-drafted curriculum vitae that contains your biodata, educational qualification and work experiences. If there is any gap in your CV, should be appropriately accounted for.

International Passport

All foreign nurses that intend to work in a foreign country like Kuwait must have a valid international passport. This passport must have a validity period that covers up to two years. The applicant is also expected to have attained the minimum age of 21 years before applying for an international passport.

Ministry Of Health (MOH) Exam

If you want to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait, you must write an online multiple-based exam. All applicants have only three(3) times to attempt the Ministry of Health (MOH) exam. After the exam, if you can pass the international exam, you now become an internationally trained nurse. Passing the exam gives you the opportunity to become eligible to practice nursing as a career in different countries and five emirates excluding Abu Dhabi and Dubai. One advantage you can have if you apply to a Kuwait nursing recruitment agency is that the body will give any foreign-trained nurse a guide on the syllabus and how to prepare for the Ministry of Health (MOH) exam.

Nursing Certificate And Experience

If you are a foreigner and you want to learn how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait, you should ensure you qualify as a trained nurse from an accredited and recognized institution with at least three (3) years of study and one (1) year of nursing practice.

Nursing Registration Certificate / Licence

This is the licence that is issued by the nursing council / regulatory body of any country. It is always renewable and every practising qualified nurse is expected to obtain the current practice licence. If you have been working in a particular country before seeking to apply to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait, you must present the practice licence from the regulatory body in the previous country,

Nursing Working Experience Certificate

A nursing work experience certificate is usually issued by hospitals and health facilities where the applicant has previously worked as a registered nurse. The certificate is expected to show the duration of the period the nurse work with the facility and the experiences. In summary, it shows the history of the experiences the nurse has acquired over time.


The applicants are expected to provide four (4) current and clear passport photographs of themselves.

How To Apply As A Foreign-Trained Nurse In Kuwait

There are procedures you need to follow on how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait. You don’t just apply because if you do, you will find it difficult to be offered any employment opportunity. After all, the right thing was not done.

The application process will be highlighted for all genders both male and female who are finding it difficult to find jobs abroad. The following are the steps to apply as a trained nurse in Kuwait.

You Must Have A Set Goal

It is always important to set goals for anything you want to achieve and work towards achieving it. Goal setting is not only applicable to nurses that want to travel abroad but to all that are pursuing any other career abroad. If you desire to apply for any job in the Middle East Countries as a nurse, you are expected to have experience working in a hospital with a minimum of 100-bed capacity.

It is also important to acquire more specific and relevant skills that can fetch you a job in some specific hospitals that may need such services. Suppose you want to work in any hospital that specialised in respiratory or in heart-related issues. In that case, you will want to be posted to work in some areas of the hospital where such people are treated so that you will acquire more experience in that area.

Get Your Documents Ready

There are different documents that you will need if you want to apply to work as a foreign trained nurse in Kuwait. The documents you need to get ready depends on the country you want to apply to and the type of job you want to apply for. When you apply directly or through an agency, the documents will also vary. The following is the list of documents that you will need to prepare.

  • ResumeCertificate of Employment (COE)
  • Board Exam Results
  • Transcript of Records
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Nursing Licence/ Certificate

Some of these documents are easy to get. Although in some places, it may be time-consuming or even stressful to get, you have to sacrifice your time and energy and be determined that you will get it in the end.

Another difficulty you might face is being able to know the necessary documents that are required. The agency or hospitals you are applying to will always help by giving the list of the necessary documents required for the initial assessment.

When you are using agencies to process your application, they will help you determine if there are vacant positions for available nurses. The first step you need to take is to ask them for the list of documents and other things required. You can as well check their websites to see the list of initial documents that you need to get ready. It is not good to go to their office without the necessary documents.

Search For A Reliable And Good Agency

You can apply or find out how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait directly without going through any agency. Most times, the agents make it easy though it is expensive to get job offers abroad. The following are some of the advantages of using agencies to search for jobs.

  • They can guide and help you through all the application processes.
  • The agencies will help you to meet employers who can hire you easily.
  • Using agencies makes the application process more manageable.
  • Most companies prefer hiring their employees through agencies.
  • Some of the agencies help you earn money for your expenses.

The agencies serve as middlemen between the employer and the employee. In as much as the agencies are there to help you to make the application process easy and less difficult, you must also ensure that you prepare your documents and get them ready.

A good agency must be registered with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) To find good agencies, you can go to their website and in the search column, type in the name of the agency you are looking for. It will enable you to find out if the agency is licensed when their licence will expire and other necessary information you might need.

Be Able To Impress Your Employer During Your Interview

After submitting your documents to the agency and getting an appointment for the date of your interview, you also need to be prepared and do the following to impress your employers during the interview.

  1. You must be at the interview venue on time at least one hour before the interview time, this shows you are a professional.
  2. Ensure you stay close to the interview venue a day before the interview date.
  3. Make a research on the possible questions that you may be asked during the interview using past interview questions.
  4. Be clear and concise in answering your interview questions so that it will be easy for the interviewers to understand you.
  5. Ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewers.
  6. Be bold and direct to the point when answering questions during the interview.

Ensure You Pass All The Necessary Exams

It has been a routine in Kuwait that the exams come before the interview. After passing the exam, you will be contacted for an interview with the employer. The Kuwait exam is always a 30-item-based exam.

After passing the exam, you will be considered a licenced nurse in Kuwait. It is difficult to find job employment in Kuwait these days because they are always looking for dental and derma nurses.

The Salary Scale Of Nurses In Kuwait

In every country, the salary of nurses varies. Also in Kuwait, the salary of nurses will vary depending on the following factors.

  • Your educational qualification
  • The number of years of experience you have as a nurse in that country.
  • Experience as a nurse whether in the private or public sector
  • Your Gender

For a new nurse intake in Kuwait, the salary is equivalent to 42,500 pesos per month. Other benefits that are attached to the salary include free housing and transportation, bonuses and leave allowances.

Every year, Kuwait normally raises the salary of their workers may be due to inflation and other economic reasons that may be affecting the country.


It is a rewarding experience when you learn how to work as a foreign-trained nurse in Kuwait. The most important thing is that you must follow and comply with all the requirements that have been listed above. These requirements may be more or less depending on the agencies you are using. With focus, determination and perseverance, you can easily achieve your dream of working in Kuwait as a trained nurse.

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