How To Apply For An International Passport – See The Steps Here

One of the adventures that someone can take in life to that will help open up opportunities to travel around the world. While you travel across the world, you meet different people with different cultures, visit new places, and create long-lasting memories in other parts of the world. This article will discuss how to apply for an international passport, the necessary requirements, standards and the steps.

If it is your first time applying for an international passport, or you want to renew an existing one, the application process may be difficult. All you need is to get the right assistance and guidance. If the guides are followed, acquiring a passport is a straightforward, interesting and easy experience. How To Apply For An International Passport – See The Steps Here

What Is An International Passport?

Before we start discussing how to apply for an international passport, we want to explain what an international passport is. An international passport is a legal government-issued travel document that serves as a means of identification for the citizens of a particular country. This means that it is used to confirm the identity and nationality of a person or an individual. There are some details that every passport is meant to have or information that should be contained in a passport. The following is the information that can be seen in a passport booklet:

  • The name of the holder
  • The holder’s date of birth
  • A passport photograph
  • The holders signature
  • The nationality of the holder
  • The passport number

The following is also the list of other security features seen in the passport booklet that helps to ensure that there is no forgery and that the document is valid. A passport is usually issued to the citizens of a country by the government of their country and is always used by the citizens t travel to any country in the world. Any citizen that wishes to travel will be required to present their passport to the immigration officers upon arrival and departure from the airport whenever they visit or travel to other countries.

Requirements Needed To Apply For A Passport

Once an individual has an interest in getting a passport, the first thing to find out is the necessary requirements needed to apply for a passport. There are some specific documents that you must put together to prove your identity and citizenship at the point of submitting your application for a passport. The following are some of the essential documents you will be required to have or put together before applying for a passport:

Proof Of Identity

This is a document that can be used to identify who you are. It can be any means of identification generally accepted by the country like a valid driver’s license, government-issued identity card, national identity card, or a previous passport.

Proof Of Citizenship

This is a document that proves that you are a citizen of a particular country. Examples of such documents include naturalization certificates, birth certificates, or certificates of citizenship as the case may be.

Passport-Sized Photograph

You will be required to provide at least two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background. A passport photograph will be needed when you are filling out the application form.

Supporting Documents

These are other documents that may be required to be used as a means of validating your identity. These additional supporting documents depend on what the country requires. and also on the individual applying for the passport for example a minor. For instance, if you are applying for a passport in Nigeria, you will be required to present your National Identification Number (NIN).

You must always remember that all these documents must be gathered and put in order before you start the application process so as to make the process easier and faster for you.

How To Obtain The Passport Application Form

Obtaining an application form is a very easy and stress-free process. The application form can be gotten by visiting the Nigerian immigration services website here if you are a Nigerian. Alternatively, you can also download the application form as a PDF file and fill out the required information.

Steps On How To Apply For An International Passport

The following are the steps on how to apply for an international passport. If these steps are followed judiciously, the process of applying for a passport will be very easy, less time-consuming and less consuming.

  • Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website (
  • Register and create an account on the NIS portal.
  • Fill out the online application form accurately.
  • Make the required payment through available options (The commonly available option is usually making a bank transfer)
  • Print the payment slip as proof.
  • Schedule an appointment at any passport office of your choice.
  • Gather the necessary documents (proof of identity, citizenship, etc.).
  • Attend the appointment and provide biometric data (thumbprint.),
  • Track the status of your application on the NIS portal.
  • Then you’ll receive a notification when your passport is ready.
  • Collect your passport from the passport office. And that’s it.


As an individual who aspires to travel across the world to visit other countries, knowing how to apply for an international passport and getting one is very essential. Following the steps outlined above, you can apply for an international passport without stress. But you should not that before you apply for it, you must have gathered all the necessary and required information together and put them in order.

When you start the process of applying for an international passport, ensure you fill out the forms carefully and make the necessary payments where and when required. The above steps will help you to apply and successfully obtain your passport which will enable you to travel around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Know When My International Passport Has Expired?

For you to know when your international passport has expired, you can check the expiring date written on the photo page of your passport booklet But the standard duration of a passport is between 5 to 10 years.

What is The Cost Of Applying For A Passport?

The cost of a passport depends on the type of passport and how fast you want to get the passport. The amount paid covers the application process, passport production and some other associated costs.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport?

It can take several weeks or even months after submitting your application to get the passport. But you still need to speed up the services as much as possible with additional fees if you need to get your passport as quickly as possible.

Is It Possible To Track The Status Of My Passport Application?

There are so many passport agencies available out there that provide online tracking systems that will enable you to check the status of your application. Once you have finished filling out the form and submitting it, you will receive a reference number or tracking code that you will use to monitor the progress of your passport.

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